Business Design Retreat

STOP working too much for too little

Get clear about your best offers, generate more steady income — and fall BACK in love ❤️ with your business.

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Hi, I'm Carolyn Herfurth. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 15 years, from working with thousands of service-based business owners, it is:

You need to revisit your business model regularly.  

Why? Because stuff you offer has a life span. And the shelf life for some is shorter than others.

You know because you start seeing the signs. Prospects are "poo-pooing" your offers. Or they're buying — but delivery is painful! More painful than noticing that one-inch chin hair RIGHT after you get home from that hot date

But you don't know how to make it better.

Or you have a BIG idea, but want to be sure it won't tank when you introduce it to the world. Because the last one flopped. And the one before that was lukewarm, at best.

You want to know if your business will ever be sustainable — without killing yourself. And what to do to fix it. And how soon it'll happen because it's getting hot in here! (HINT: We'll start by looking at anywhere you're trading hours for dollars.)

And you want to be reassured that you're not crazy. 

That you're not alone. 

That there's nothing wrong with you.

Because damn it, it sure feels that way most days.

The bottom line is that you want to drum up fresh ideas that take you beyond what you've achieved to this point. Even if you don't feel like you've accomplished much. (Don't worry, I always find your gems!)

There is one thing for sure: Once you sort out your value streams (how your packages and prices work together), it naturally rolls up into more sales. 

And when you're more authentically aligned with what you're offering — your clients will be too.  

Just ask Jennifer Zwiebel who got out of her months-long rut and landed her highest paying client EVER within a week and a half of getting clear on her business model.  

I got my first 6-month client in my new model within a week and a half of the business retreat!!!!!!!!! And she's just the kind of person I want to work with!!! SO, HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Huge.  

I just deposited the biggest single check I've ever deposited, AND it's for the work I want to be doing. Thank you, eternally.

JENNIFER ZWIEBEL Chief Visionistary

She made it happen immediately after attending one of my Business Design Retreats — and that's EXACTLY why I created these intimate, small group sessions for service based entrepreneurs.  

The singular purpose of my one-day, live Business Design Retreat is to give you VIP-level attention in a group setting so you walk away with clarity on the ideal way to package and price your services that naturally attract more of the right clients you love serving!

WHat Can you expect in exchange for a day of your time?

The immediate relief you feel once you've claimed your seat is replaced with excitement for the possibilities we create when we come together. Although it's slightly different for each participant, here are a few things you might walk away with...  

  • how to better price your services so you're in the sweet spot for what you want to be paid — and what clients willingly pay (this might be raising OR lowering fees for various offers so they all "kumbaya") 
  • which ideas to pursue and which offers to leave behind — saving yourself from wasting months pushing something that plain old won't sell
  • how to integrate your story into your packages — opening an easy peasy path to making offers
  • ways to share your story with potential clients to win an effortless yes 
  • lay out your next big stepping stones to where you’re going next so you don't wonder what to do next — or second-guess your strategy
  • where to focus your effort, energy and attention. Hello, Free Time!
  • a plan you’ll actually follow through on because it was co-created and validated in real time — sparing you from that cycle of beating yourself up for not doing what you say you'd do 
  • meet other amazing women who remind that you’re not crazy or alone!

Who is this retreat for?

  • This retreat is exclusively for women who own a service-based business. (Moobs don't count, fellas.)
  • It's for YOU if your income has stagnated.
  • It's for YOU if you want to simplify and create continued, consistent revenue.
  • It's for YOU if you're working crazy hours and barely making a profit — or ready to scale up to make more profit.
  • It's for YOU if you're looking for action steps to get out of being stuck in the muck.
  • It's for YOU if you suspect you're undervaluing and undercharging — and want to know what you can charge in a competitive market.
  • It's for YOU if you're out of alignment with ANY of the services you offer.
  • It's for YOU if you don't enjoy the nature of the work you're doing with your clients anymore (or don't like certain clients!)

When is it and what does it cost?

Our live in-person NYC events are held in a glorious, sun-filled conference room in Chelsea from 9:30am to 4:30pm. 

Our virtual events are held via Zoom — and are equally as fabulous. In fact, take a look at what Jennifer Peek said about her virtual Business Design Retreat experience. >>>

You will feel like a true CEO when you take a seat at the table with me — and up to 7 other women.

Your investment is only $495.

When you consider that my private clients pay up to 50x more (no kidding!) than that for me to do most of the "heavy lifting" to create their strategy, it's a small fee to invest.  

And if you like the idea of being in a setting where I teach you HOW to get clarity around your business model — and you appreciate getting inspiration from your fellow entrepreneurs — you'll find your money and time well spent!

Don't JUST take my word for it...

How exactly does the day go down?

First of all, this interactive and thought provoking retreat is limited to 8 women. And every single element of the day is carefully thought out so that you get the MOST out of each and every moment.

9:30 - Noon We'll have a mix of group, partner and solo activities that allow you to pinpoint the disconnect between your current business model — and what your ideal life looks like. This is all about "designing" what you love most.

Noon - 1:00 We'll enjoy a working lunch. (If we're together in NYC, we cater in delicious, healthy and filling goodness.) You'll be making changes to your business model during this time. It's so fun to watch and listen to the ahas you and your fellow entrepreneurs get from each other during that slice of our day together.

1:00 - 4:30 The clarity bombs continue dropping into the afternoon as you get a Laser Coaching Love Seat with me. We'll get absolutely clear on your priorities, how your various offers weave together — and what the sweet spot is for pricing your goodies.

Not only do you get my personal attention, you'll also pick up fresh inspiration as you listen to me coach the other women throughout the afternoon.

The result? You walk away with clarity on your best packages and pricing based on your highest priorities and value.

I'm Ready For My Custom Strategy To Build A Sustainable Business! (Limited to 8 spots)

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Sorry, Fellas. This is for women only.
  • Sorry, MLMers. You won't get what you're looking for here if you're a multi-level or network marketer. I can't change your business model. It's already set.
  • Sorry, Makers. This isn't for businesses that make their living selling physical products. Your primary money maker must be delivering some sort of service. 
  • You want more than your share of attention. Yes, you will get plenty of coaching. But if you want ALL of my attention, you're better off hiring me for a private strategy engagement.

Is There Any Prep Work?

Oh yes! There are very specific things I want to know about you and your business before you walk in the door that day. 

The deadline to register is always one week prior to the retreat, assuming there are seats still available by then. These retreats are known to sell out pretty fast.

As soon as you register, we'll send you a packet that will take you about an hour to prepare. It's due to me 4 days prior to the retreat so that I have time to review your answers and serve you at the highest level possible.

You'll also bring your laptop along because you'll be making updates to your offers during the morning and lunch sessions. And you'll send those changes to me before I do your Laser Coaching session in the afternoon so we make the very most of your time!

What Qualifies Me To Host This Workshop?

I'm Carolyn Herfurth, creator of Evolve Accelerator.  

For the past 15 years, I've played a hand in the launch of 100+ businesses — and the growth of thousands more.  

As a business, sales and franchise veteran, I have a keen ability to cut to the quick to align your business with your goals, identify and assess what's "sale-able" and capitalize on your strengths so that your business is fun, profitable and fruitful for you.  

No squeezing you into one-size-fits-none business blueprints.  

I've developed the ideal combination of practical business tools, perspective and humor that inspire you to make your vision a reality — doing the stuff you love most.  

The increase in clarity that comes from these days (and we measure!) is nothing short of thrilling!