You’ve got a no-brainer offer
that's stalled out —
but the solution is in your $*@% blind spot.

This calls for...

A virtual group workshop to pinpoint why your offer isn’t performing and reveal the trapped value — clearing the way for your best clients to buy.

for experts, coaches, consultants, creatives, speakers, thought leaders and service providers who have proven business cred... but are feeling slightly baffled about the clear solution.

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You're wondering WTF?
(what's the fix?)

  • You added a new revenue stream, but you're puzzled by the lack of response and can't put your finger on what's off.
  • You'd like to introduce a new product, but question whether it's ready for primetime. You want to make sure it'll generate the cash flow to make it worth your while.
  • A once-popular offer has lost its luster. Even in a pandemic it's still a kickass solution, but client demand has dropped.

You've already proven your business chops so there’s no doubt you can eventually figure this out on your own. But you're too impatient to wait it out because the frustration of your blind spot rivals that of being a *parent-teacher-preneur* since March.

Imagine that feeling
when you...

  • Fully understand, articulate and own the value this offer delivers. You're brimming with ways to communicate who, what, where, when and WHY your ideal peeps need this, cementing your position as the expert.
  • Effortlessly sell. Your offer fits seamlessly into a value stream that makes sense for you and your best clients — evoking a genuine eagerness to buy.
  • Boost your relevance. Increase the lifetime value of a customer and receive more word-of-mouth referrals — because you’re viewed as a trusted source of on-point solutions.

To say Carolyn has X-ray vision is an understatement. 

Carolyn has a way of seeing what you cannot see. She asks incredibly effective questions, and if you're open to it, she will also use her genius business acumen to share her ideas on getting you where you want to go. Not imposing them on you, but opening you up to practical solutions that work. 

She solved a problem that had been plaguing me for years. How? She saw my blind spot. She shared an idea — one that I just could not see on my own, even though I do this kind of problem-solving with people myself.  

Marketing Strategist

3 ways THE FIX will
take your offer from
*WTF?* to SOLD!

  • The revamp begins as soon as you start the WTF Check™ which gets you looking at your offer with fresh eyes, setting the stage for creating something your best clients won’t hesitate to pony up for.
  • Then we have a 1-day group Zoom workshop where we'll look at your offer from every angle, pinpoint the stuck areas that explain why your offer isn’t performing and unleash the trapped value that’s been blocking sales opportunities.
  • You’ll walk away with a “do this, then that” priority action plan to release your offer’s full potential, speeding up sales momentum now that your best clients understand the game changer you’ve created with them in mind. 

The result?

A completely custom WTF Strategy™ that gives you a
crystal clear picture of what needs to change,
along with the step-by-step action plan
for optimizing your offer to sell. 

Here's how The Fix Works

Step 1 //
WTF Check™

Before we gather, we'll put your offer through an X-ray machine to figure out where things are crapping out on you.

You do this by completing a "What's The Fix?" online assessment using each of the 5 business pillars as a filter. From articulating the problem it solves for your ideal clients — to how it fits into your overall value stream — and dozens of things in between.

Before you’ve even finished this proprietary questionnaire, rays of clarity will start exposing those blind spots.

Step 2 //
A One-Day Facilitated Workshop With Your Peers

Strengthen your offer in a focused environment that delivers VIP-level attention alongside other savvy women.

By looking through the lens of each of the 5 pillars — business model, thought leadership, marketing, sales and time, mindset & priority optimization — you'll have fresh eyes and new ideas for what you've already developed.

During your personal hot seat 🔥, we'll ideate possibilities and solutions, unstick the stuck points and create a strategic direction for juicing greater profits.

By the end of the day, you will have made informed decisions and have specific steps that open the way for your best clients to buy.

Step 3 //
Action Plan

You'll walk away with prioritized action steps that guide your effort, energy and attention. It's a plan you’ll willingly follow through with because it was co-created and validated in real time — sparing you from that cycle of second-guessing yourself.

You'll know the sweet spot for what you want to be paid — and what clients willingly pay (this might involve raising OR lowering fees for various things so they "kumbaya").

You've got an extra burst of energy and motivation to bring your offer into the world and have saved yourself from wasting months forcing something that plain old won't sell without the clarity The Fix brings.

One day with Carolyn was worth more to me than a multi-day retreat.

I don’t like to waste time and she moves quickly and boldly.

I left ready to put her recommendations into action!  

Michelle McCartan
Founder, Forward College Counseling


  • Pinpoint why your offer isn't working. The proprietary WTF Check™ you complete before we gather will begin to expose the wonky elements of your offer to clear the clutter and create the straight line to make it more relevant.
  • Reveal the trapped value. You'll uncover your most valuable and viable assets that are buried in your offer — and better articulate the promise it delivers on.
  • Shortcut to a highly targeted, custom strategy. You're craving time to focus on this... and know sparks fly from the energy of other kickass women. So instead of wasting more of your valuable time trying to figure out the fix(es) on your own, you'll walk away with an opportunity you love that leverages your unique assets and genius. 
  • Quickly close sales with a timely offer that clients are eager to buy. We’ll discuss exactly how to optimize how to package, price and sell your re/designed offer. And you’ll have a “do this, then that” plan that cements your position as the "go to" problem solver for your ready-for-your clients.
  • Stay relevant to your audience — and increase the lifetime value of a customer. Instead of your best clients turning to other providers for answers while you tinker, you’ll solidify loyalty with clients who continue investing with you because you “get” their current mindset, wants and needs. 

Hi, I'm Carolyn Herfurth

Something we have in common is that we both have little patience for anything that slows us down.

That's why when accomplished business owners like you start to wonder, “how do I fix this? what else? what's next?” — they call me.

Having played a hand in hundreds of business inventions and re/inventions (from itty bitty to WHOA!), I’ve discovered that the biggest opportunities hide between our brilliance, blind spots and broad daylight.

I’m able to see the possibilities for each individual without imposing a pre-packaged, universal “this is how all service-based businesses should do it” solution. Because I respect that each and every business owner comes with her own vision, assets and experiences.

Which is why every client gets her own custom strategy using The Fix as a rapid-fire, targeted framework for infusing fresh insight, cash and energy into your business. I’m known for my out-of-the-box ideas and see possibilities you’ve become blind to.

That way, you get to enjoy more profit, more quickly — instead of feeling like you’ve lost your chance, lost your touch or lost your lust for business.

The increase in clarity that comes from these days (we measure!) is nothing short of inspiring. 

You can finally let go of your WTF.
I can help you clear the way for your best clients to buy.

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 Due to the high level of attention each participant gets in this experience,
spots are maxed at 3 women. 

Hey, let's face it...

You’ve already got ideas, assets and experience. You just need fresh eyes to reshape it to match what your audience is eager for right now, and suss out what makes sense for you.

Once we shine a light on the blind spots, we create your step-by-step plan. One I’m confident that you’ll be even more motivated to carry through.

Although your WTF Strategy™ will be entirely original to you, The Fix approach has served as the foundation for service based business owners to launch offers for 10 years and counting.


When your offer isn’t working, it means one or more things is a miss. We’ll look at where things are falling apart by walking through each of the 5 pillars, creating clear action steps to repair each issue by asking and answering questions* such as...

Is it the price point?
You'll know whether to raise, hold or lower the price

Is it the overall value stream?
You'll take a closer look at what leads people to your offer — and where they'll go next

Is it your position as a thought leader?
You'll tap into your well of intellectual property
that points to your no-brainer solution

Is it the value?
You'll more clearly articulate what benefits they can expect

Is it your message?
You'll create prompts for better communication across your chosen marketing channels

Is it where you're marketing?
You’ll tweak where you're showing up to cement your authority

Is it your sales page?
You’ll have a plan to revisit the copy

Is it your sales approach?
You’ll have questions that clearly and quickly qualify who's a fit — and who's not — so your best prospects stop getting lost in the sauce

Is it a mindset blindspot?
You'll know what needs to clear out to give clients the space to move in

*this is by no means a complete list of questions!

I'm blown away.

ANGELA JIA KIM   Founder of Savor Lifestyle Brands

I’m blown away by Carolyn’s ability to coach entrepreneurs to create a business model that suits the human behind the business.

What I appreciate most about her style is her ability to truly listen, get to the heart of the matter, and provide practical advice through the lens of years of experience and wisdom she brings to the table.  

Founder, Savor Lifestyle Brands

You already know that the biggest difference between the business owner who will get her offer selling quickly…
and the one who continues tinkering...
all comes down to...

One session with Carolyn and my year-long struggle is over.  

She not only knows what’s missing in my offers, but she really gets what will work for ME. It's possible Carolyn might actually be a mindreader. I’ll tell her that I know exactly what to do to get more clients, and she’ll say: "But you’ll never do that because it doesn’t fit your personality. Why don’t you do this instead?"

And suddenly everything falls into place.

If you want a high-level thought partner who really knows how to build a business and listens to your unique needs, hire Carolyn!

CEO, Streambank Media

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Below 6-figure annual revenues.
  • Men. Unless you identify as female. 
  • MLMers. You won't get what you're looking for here if you're a multi-level or network marketer. I can't change your business model. It's already set.
  • Makers. This isn't for businesses that make their living selling physical products. Your primary money maker must be delivering some sort of service. 
  • You want more than your share of attention. Yes, you will get plenty of coaching. But if you want ALL of my attention, you're better off hiring me for a private strategy engagement.

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Shifted the way I was thinking.

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