This plan was worth a million dollars. Charge me more.

Jennifer Spivak  

Now You Can Burn the Bullsh*t, ACCELERATE GROUND BREAKING PROGRESS and FIRE UP Your Business With Higher Profits — Without Hype, Sneaky Tricks or Loopholes  

If you’ve reached a certain level of success and need that extra bit of *snap* to slingshot to the next stage of profitable growth — but aren't interested in slogging through more bullshit Bro’ Marketing tactics — book a Burn The Bullsh*t session today to fire up your business!

But before you read any further, let me make something perfectly clear:

There’s no magic formula, no hidden tactic or slick silver bullet here. 


Here’s the deal.  

You've gotten to where you are (congrats!) — but you're tired of pushing.

So this highly impactful session is tailored 100% to you so you have access to the real world business practices that have helped women entrepreneurs grow their business, outperform their own best records and leverage proven strategies to quickly and consistently make more money effectively in their service based business.

But it won’t do you any good if you aren’t willing to bring 100% honesty and 100% follow-through to the profit pulling business strategies that will make your business as profitable and popular as you’ve always dreamed.  

It’s about more than just fast tracking your profits. Here’s a peek into what others have gotten out of burning their bullsh*t: 

  • How to charge what you’re worth, even when prospects tell you they can’t afford it.
  • You need more time to get it perfect, Right? Wrong!
  • Your 3 best ways to sweet talk confidence killers out of your life.
  • Where to find your ideal clients.
  • What you should never ever tell yourself.
  • A simple solution that quickly becomes a reliable money maker — without overcomplicating it.
  • How to eliminate the nagging negative thoughts that derail your day (weeks? months?!)
  • Why charging more is sometimes the gateway to getting the best clients!
  • Say goodbye to hellish stretches of no sales and resistance.
  • What to do if you don’t know how to make your dream come true.
  • How to get sales momentum, even if you haven’t been able to gain traction in the past.
  • The Truth about your Bullsh*t. 😘

What Clients Have Said About Their Sessions 

You knew exactly how to stretch me to get inside of it.  

Deep bow of gratitude to you.  

Lee Murphy-Wolf LMW Group

Fabulous session. Filled with great tips and sage advice. Plus it “moved” and provided immediate value.  

Jennifer Mirsky Mirsky Digital

This plan was worth a million dollars. Charge me more.  

Jennifer Spivak  

Carolyn Herfurth. Activator. Accelerator. Adventurer.

Burn The Bullsh*t isn’t just a super-charged business session full of profit gold and strategies specifically matched to your business needs. It’s about creating the awareness and practices to eliminate future issues and habits that you’ll encounter as you continue to level up and expand your business growth.  

You’re right if you’re thinking this is a lot of tried and true strategies and tactics. And it’s stuff nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it.  

If this sounds like the solution you’re searching for, I’d love nothing more than to serve you.  

But it gets better because you’re also getting this…  

Here’s What To Do Next

Book your session by clicking the blue button below.  

As soon as you register, you’ll get an automated receipt, a link to my online calendar and your guided pre-work.  

Once you book your appointment, you’ll get an email with instructions for how to access our private Zoom online conference room.  

Our session will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours of our session so you can return to the recording as many times as you wish. So often, we get new insight and nuggets with each playback — so having that reminder is invaluable. You can book your session below…  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…  

“Carolyn, how could we possibly cover all these things in a 60 minute call?” 


We’re ONLY going to focus on your most critical areas that need work.  

Anyone who implies they can cover all those things with enough detail to give you any level of value…  

…on a single call, is bullshitting you — and neither of us have time for those kind of games.  

You and I, together, are simply going to zero-in on your biggest sticking points, go over a complete, custom, easy to implement strategy and then…  

…you’ll be sent on your way with a recording of the call and plan of action.  

You’re busy, I’m busy and anyone who has a profitable business doesn’t have time for drawn out strategy calls.  

The only time you should spend more time on extended business development calls is when your business requires more attention over a lengthier period of time or when a strategy you are planning to implement requires you to have more guidance.

Luckily, that’s not up to me to decide if you need that…  

…only you choose to decide to work further with me when you want.  

My focus, OUR focus, is to get on the call, get clear on what you need to do next and get you to a place where you feel blessed to be moving in the direction you know is right for you.

Sound good?  


Is NOW The Right Time TO DO THIS?

Aside from the fact that the 15-minute Possibilities Plus Bonus is only available for a limited time, these are one-on-one, private sessions so I limiting the number of BTB sessions to 3 people this month.

(My private clients are a bit "jellie" that I'm making this offer to first timers, so it's only fair to put a cap on it.)

So if you can find 75 minutes in your schedule to break through to new possibilities and higher profits, I’d love to support you as long as long as spots are still available.  

Fair enough? 

I’m blown away by Carolyn’s knowledge on how to create a scalable business model, pricing and how to sell it. What I appreciate most about Carolyn is her ability to listen, quickly calculate what’s really going on – and provide practical solutions that work. 

Angela Jia Kim, Founder Savor The Success, Savor Spa & Savor Beauty 

Carolyn Herfurth has a lot of wisdom around this topic and what happens when you are over-or-under-priced. It is NOT just about raising your rates. Never believe a coach who tells you to “double your rates” without telling you why or guiding you in finding the right pricing for you. 

Beth Grant Creator of the Archetype Alignment™Grid  

Looking back 3 years later, if I had thought that from our first meeting I would be where I am today, I wouldn't have believed it. Whenever I go back to our notes, (and it is often) it amazes me that everything was so spot-on and that Carolyn saw the potential, long before I did. Thank you Carolyn!  

Alana Langelotz, Founder Arlan Group

Just 7 days after meeting with Carolyn, I signed a new client at twice what I had been charging and my income this quarter has been fantastic! Carolyn’s ability to size up my personal, financial and professional interests and see my real value. She refined and “re-valued” what I offer so that I know make more profit, feel more organized and do it with less stress.  

Sara Blette, Founder Make My Notebook & Necessary Spaces

And one more thing…  

( I can't resist!)

You’re also getting this Bullsh*t journal mailed to you as my gift to you — while supplies last!

Sure, we’ve all got journals and notebooks up the wazoo.  

But this one will serve as the pages for your prep work before our session.  

And be your bright and beaming reminder to not let the B.S. slip back in as you pursue your dreams and desires going forward.  

And how freaking adorable is it, right?!  

Spots are Limited So GRAB Yours Before They’re All Gone  

Secure Checkout

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

And if you have a question about Burn The Bullsh*t sessions, go ahead and email me directly at carolyn at carolynherfurth dot com and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you’ve got!  

I now see how to expand my visibility to expand my reach beyond my network.  

Vivan Garcia-Tunon VGT Consulting Group

Even with a wait list and 100% closing rate, we weren’t making a profit. Carolyn changed the way I look at the value we deliver so we were able to adjust our prices to reflect it. Once I got that perspective – I couldn’t even imagine going back to the old way  

Laurie Davis Edwards Founder & CEO of eFlirt Expert Author of Love @ First Click

I used to have really inconsistent sales conversion rates. As a result of Carolyn’s coaching, I had an epiphany that resulted in $16,000 of new business within one week and am now closing nearly twice the rate I did before working with her.  

Laura Garnett Garnett Consulting

Carolyn sees right through the bull*#% and has a deep and clear understanding around the idea that what works for some people doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for another.  

Dr. Debi Silber The PBT Institute