Infinite Possibilities

Turn your desires into reality BY usING Your thoughts to chanGE your life. 

What’s one change for the better you’d like in your life right now? 

  • More money
  • Greater happiness
  • Better relationships
  • Increased energy
  • More romance (any romance?)
  • Better health
  • More travel
  • More fun
  • More money (good catch! yep, I listed it twice 😘)  

As you scan that list, which of those do you believe has the greatest probability to improve? 

(Hint: That was a trick question.)

Although there might be days that you don’t believe it — it’s not only probable, it’s possible.

And there’s even better news: You don’t have to limit yourself to just one thing.

You have the power to completely change all areas of your life for the better. Because we were ALL born with the power within us to create the change we want.

How, you wonder?

When you realize that your "thoughts become things."

I'll let Mike Dooley, the human behind Notes From The Universe and author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams explain...  

YES! You can absolutely learn to redirect beliefs and thoughts that have been limiting you — and leading to struggle and negative choices — and achieve any dream you’ve ever had.  

Because imagination and intention are the gifts that bring love, health, abundance and joy into our lives.  

Every life is meaningful. We’re all here to make a difference. But not everyone's doing it to their fullest capacity.

You deserve more. And I want to share with you how to make it happen. 

We are what we think. All that we are, arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. - Buddha


Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life is a revolutionary program that teaches you how to have an amazing life by understanding the power of your own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Based on the world-renowned, New York Times bestseller, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley, this training empowers you to create amazing happiness and success in your life by living deliberately.  

This spiritual, non-religious program encourages you to examine beliefs and thoughts that have been limiting you and may be leading you to struggles and negative choices. And help you discover ways to redirect those beliefs and thoughts.

Infinite Possibilities is designed to open you up to understanding just how powerful you are — and to see how limitless life’s magic really is.  



  • Attract more of what you want into your life (Love, Health, Money… you name it!) by knowing how to identify your limiting beliefs and move past the invisible barriers that have been holding you back.  
  • Better relationships and connection in all areas of your life — with the aid of priceless tools and resources that destroy negativity and create happiness NOW.  
  • A sense of trust that everything you desire is within your reach — and how to attain it so that you can live more freely and find pleasure and joy in every moment.  
  • Knowing that everything in life creates a choice — and it’s your job to choose the best one for you.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Accomplish + How We’ll Do It 

Week One // Thoughts Become Things (january 8)

Connect the dots between previous successes, how to leverage your thoughts more consistently to change various aspects of your life — and how your thoughts and beliefs interact with each other. 

  • Accept that you are powerful — and you can succeed, no matter who, no matter what  
  • Understand that “Thoughts Become Things” — the starting point of creating any type of change 
  • Spot the things in life that your beliefs hide behind — and how to change them to get what you want in life  
  • How our thoughts create our lives  
  • What present thoughts we’re having  
  • How to create new thoughts  
  • How to deal with negative thoughts and use visualization to focus our thoughts in a positive direction

Week TWO // // BELIEFS & EMOTIONS (January 15)  

Troubleshoot emotional reactions to stressors, identify limiting beliefs and map out clear action steps that create opportunity.  

  • Emotions are life’s feedback system and offer clues that point to limiting beliefs about your ability to improve your life  
  • How taking action creates infinite possibilities without even knowing HOW your dream will come true  
  • The most common beliefs people have  
  • How these beliefs relate to our thought and life experiences  
  • How to establish and maintain new, empowering beliefs  
  • Where emotions come from and what do they mean  
  • How they fit with our thoughts, actions and life experiences  
  • Tools for changing beliefs that no longer serve you


How you meet the challenges determine where you land, especially when it comes to creating change. 

  • How Instincts and Hunches + Dreams and Desires are your inner senses that are the window to your future, and guide you there  
  • Getting on the path to living our dreams  
  • Why action is needed and how to get going by taking baby steps  
  • Why "how" is not as important as you might think
  • Creating your action plan 


Understand how you are the source for your own personal power in creating change in your life, regardless of current circumstances. And see the BIG picture in how attaining a Dream and Desire has a ripple effect that allows you to attain your goals. 

  • Living deliberately — even amongst uncertainties
  • The Meaning of Life — and how success boils down to vision, belief and actions  
  • Faith as something we all use, whether we realize it or not  
  • How to tap into our faith  
  • How to apply it to creating our dreams  
  • How life really unfolds and how to enjoy the adventure of it all  
  • How to learn from the lessons life provides  
  • The simple strategies used by successful people

Create the change you want by using these tools to bring Infinite Possibilities into your life! 

Dates + Details

Four 2-hour sessions via Zoom video conference Tuesdays from 1 — 3pm Eastern January 8 — January 29, 2019 

Please plan to be present and participate in each and every session! Although replays will be available, it's just not the same. 😘  

Only $199  


What Qualifies Me To Host This training?

Hi, I'm Carolyn Herfurth. And I love knowing that each of us can reinvent part or all of ourselves.

Whenever we're inspired to. Whenever we wish for more. Or whenever we want less of something, for that matter.

For the past 16+ years, I've played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses — and the growth of thousands more.

And I've learned that whenever I'm involved with a client reinvention, I deal as much with her thoughts and stories — as I do with the strategy and business-y topics that bring us together.

So when I met Mike Dooley in October of 2016 and learned I could teach Infinite Possibilities, I immediately jumped into becoming a certified trainer.

But guess what happened after that? 

I stalled.

I thought it would be too much work to bring this to you. I thought I wouldn't be "good enough." I thought I should stick to "business."

That's right, I let my not-so-positive thoughts stop me from offering this to you sooner. 

(See how our thoughts can eff us up? Ha, the irony.)

But I was noticing so much fear and wonky vibes that I wanted to raise up more women, in more ways. And this is the obvious solution. So I led a small Infinite Possibilities group last summer.

And not only was it a gamechanger for my students, it was a gamechanger for my own personal life. 

So I can't wait to share it with more business owners as we kick off a fresh, new year.

I hope you'll decide to join us so you can turn your desires into reality in one or many areas of your life and business.

Photo op with Mike Dooley, creator of Notes From The Universe and author of Infinite Possibilities.