Do You Know You Should Could Be Earning More With Your Offers?  

Schedule A Private Mini-VIP With Me & Let's Milk More Cash From Your Money Cow 

If you offer a service that makes life better for others… And you’re an action taker who has a track record of following through… But you can’t seem to figure out the clear solution to better monetize your offer… I promise you’ve got money under your nose that you don’t see. Or maybe you can see it but don’t know how to "bring it home to Mama."

There is absolutely more money within your reach.

But you don't have to try to figure it out on your own, trudge through a 12-week course—or apply a watered down tactic created for the masses in order to cash in.  

Over the past 17+ years, I’ve played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses, grown thousands more and guided my clients to double, triple… even 20x their revenues.  

I’ve developed quite a knack for spotting money opportunities and creating the strategy for you to quickly profit from them.  

And that’s why I occasionally open up a limited number of private Money Momentum spots for the woman who knoooows she has an amazing offer—but hasn't been able to figure out how (or why) she's not earning more from it.


What is it?

Money Momentum is a mini-VIP engagement where I work with you one-on-one and put my eyes directly on your business. Its sole purpose is to MAXIMIZE sales for one of your offers, based on the assets you currently have.  

That's right. We create the packaging, pricing, marketing and sales strategy for one specific service so you stop leaving money on the table. 

Usually, I look at something you've already got, make tweaks so it's more sale-able— and craft the sales approach to make it happen.  

And sometimes we come up with brand new ideas for an offer. Or perhaps it's a hybrid. Everything is on the table and NOTHING is out of the question.  

You can expect to get...  

  •  An actionable plan to gain new clients and start earning more money immediately  
  •  A simple solution that quickly becomes a reliable money maker – without overcomplicating it  
  •  The know-how and exact strategy to execute your plan  
  •  An approach that feels true to you so that you are 1000% inspired to follow through

Who is it for?

Money Momentum is geared specifically to service-based entrepreneurs. 

You have good sh*t to offer. 

But you’re not fully capitalizing on it for some reason. You can't figure out why your amazing offer isn't flying off the shelves. There's something you're just not seeing.

And you MUST be a doer. (Please don’t bother wasting your time or money on this if you’re a “sit & spinner.” ) You are ready to take action!

To give you a better idea if this is for you, let's look at a few real humans as examples…

I filled 29 seats in my brand new program within two weeks!

Laurie Morse wanted to develop a leveraged income stream. She had created a program but didn’t know how to get it off the ground with her small email list.  

We defined Laurie’s target prospects, set the packaging and pricing and developed a sales strategy… right on down to the message to leave if she got voicemail.

My ticket sales went up by 30% within just a few days of our phone session! 

Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist® was hosting an event and wanted to fill more seats.  

Within 30 minutes, we adjusted the pricing and marketing strategy for Mia that she immediately put into action. 

I sold my first package within 3 days without having to create anything new.  

Winnie Anderson, the Sales Success Detective has a really cool private consulting service that she wasn’t selling.  

We put packaging, pricing and sales strategy into place for Winnie’s offer. We even identified specific potential clients for her to contact and a timeline for following through.  

How does the Mini-VIP work?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3…

Once you claim your spot, you complete the same prep work I send my private VIP clients for their full-on strategy intensives. This, alone, will have you looking at your business through a different lens.

Then we have a scheduled strategy session to create your Money Momentum plan for your offer. Through our conversation, we generate a bunch of ideas for you regarding pricing, packaging, marketing, sales—and anything else you need to carry through. I’m known for my out-of-the-box ideas and creativity so you’re in good hands.

Within about 75 minutes, we’ve agreed to a strategy you love and have the full plan laid out. By the end of our session, we’ve agreed to how it’s packaged, how it's priced and how you'll approach your marketing and sales conversations.

This is a plan you can see yourself actually executing… versus shelving it to do later. (You know what I’m talking about!)

I wish I could tell you I have a cookie cutter formula that makes everyone millions, but that’s not the case.  

I don’t dictate what you “should” do. It’s a collaboration. We find what’s true to you. That’s the only way this works.  

And the truth is, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to uncovering the quickest path to cash that actually feels doable and true to you.

What comes out of it is different for everyone I work with.

Within one week, I sold 7 seats in my program. I was surprised at how easy it actually was!  

Vanessa Cunningham wanted to offer an introductory group program as a revenue generator and to fill her funnel for attracting potential private clients.  

Vanessa and I established a price point that she could get behind, identified her best prospects and developed her marketing and sales strategy.  

I sold 6 packages within 3 weeks. Then I made 20 more sales (at a higher fee) from that package over six months.  

Deborah Asseraf was starting from scratch because her previous coach had led her on a wild goose chase that wasted 3 months of her time with no revenue to show for it.  

We quickly identified a new target market, a valuable, clear offer with an introductory price and strategy for selling Deborah's new package.  

You get the idea. I see the fruit. You go pick it. 

The results speak for themselves.  

The cool thing is that it doesn’t end there. You’re able to repeat it over and over again. And continue to monetize your strategy until the cows come home. Moooooooo...  

Like Jennifer Spivak who's earned tens of thousands of dollars more from a MonMo we did around one of her small offers two years ago.

I made an extra $4,170 in just 10 days.  

And then I continued to sell tens of thousands of more dollars for that product long beyond my initial goal.  

~ Jennifer Spivak

Your strategy and plan are very specific and unique to you. There is no blueprint or formula that I recommend to everyone. The common thread is that all of my clients like the plan I conjure up for them, they believe they have it in them to do it and then they make it happen.

What does it include?

It’s called Money Momentum for a reason — and that's to get into fast action so you monetize as soon as possible. Not 7 months or three years from now.  

Included in your Money Momentum is your rapid-fire strategy session, plus 4 weeks of follow-up with me.

Mini-VIP Strategy Session

Fine Tuning Phone Calls

Ask Me Anything Emails!

We start with your rapid-fire mini-VIP session (via Zoom) to create the overall strategy and direction for your offer. This will cover packaging, pricing, marketing, sales and anything it takes to make your offer a "winna winna chicken dinna!

We'll hold two 30-minute check-in calls over the four weeks following our session as you put it into action to confirm we've NAILED IT!

You also get unlimited email access to ask me any questions you have. We tweak the action you're taking based on your plan as you put it into play.

The whole idea behind this is to get you moving and making money. This extra bonus time gives you just enough extra attention to ensure you've locked in and are making an immediate return. 

What is this not?

It is not a full blown VIP engagement. 

We will NOT be designing your full business model. Reinventing the direction of your entire business. Or mapping out your sales strategy for every single service you offer.  

Although it’s possible I’ll have some ideas for you, we won't have time to go into depth.

I am incredibly responsive, but it’s not designed or priced for me to hold your hand forever. Fly, little bird. Fly!  

If you don’t know what an auto-responder is or don’t have a list… but want to fill your brand new online program with 100 people in the next 2 weeks, we’re not a fit. Let someone else steal your money by promising you they can do that.  

There's no hocus pocus, despite the fact that I've been told I perform money magic...

You’ll be sorely disappointed if you talk more than you do. Think more than you act. And second-guess more than you trust.

(That may sound like some tough love, but I know that's not you. And don't forget I DO have your back!) 

What do I need?

You must have assets. Meaning…  

  • You offer a service that’s of real value to real people.
  • You have a list. And if you don’t have a list, you know people. Or know people who know people. And you’re willing to connect with them. (Laurie Morse didn't have a big list, but she knew people!)
  • You have ideas and are open to new ideas. And you’re willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone, if necessary.  
  • You’ve got guts.

I’ve only offered this to my community a few times before. Since I’ve got other irons in the fire, I only suggest it when I've met someone like you. (You won't find it anywhere on my website.)

The closest thing you can compare this to is my private clients who typically pay $10,000 for 90 days. 

Your investment for your Money Momentum Month is only $2,450.  

I’m not going to promise you the sun, moon and stars. If you need more beyond what this package includes, we can explore other options. 

The bottom line is that this WILL generate additional revenue for you. As soon as you're ready to cash in.

Book Your Private Money Momentum With Me & Let's Find Cash—FAST!!

Only $2,450

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But what do I do about the rest of my business model? 

Although Money Momentum is designed to focus on one offer, it's likely you offer other services. But you might not be ready to jump into a full-blown coaching relationship and just want to take me for a test drive.

So as a BONUS to your MonMo, you'll receive The Simplifier, a $197 Value, at no extra cost.

The Simplifier is my business design course that walks you through my approach to strategically creating value streams that work with (not against) each other to grow a profitable business.

I really need to get a return on this. How can I be sure I'll get results?  

My question to you is, "do you trust yourself to follow through?"  

If you are a doer and place a high priority on lassoing additional revenue, you'll be pleasantly (and ecstatically) surprised. 

But I can't do it for you. 

If you're not motivated (I know you are) or have a history of not following through(so not you)— I recommend you hang onto your money.  

I’ve got something brewing, but I’m not quite ready to start. How long do we have to use our session? 

You might be noodling on some ideas but haven’t quite gelled which direction you want to go. You have a 90 day window to put this offer to use.  

And remember we’ve got a full month together after our intial "MonMo" strategy session for follow-up and fine tuning.  

What if I submit my pre-work and you can’t help me?  

If I review your pre-work and don’t 1000% believe I can help you, I will refund your money in full.  

What if we do our session and your ideas are all things I’ve tried?  

When Alicia did her session, she said she’d tried several ideas in the past and they hadn’t worked for her.  

The difference is that she hadn’t tried it with my customized strategy and support.  

So she went on faith and followed my strategy. Within 30 days of execution, she had three new clients.

If all you say is, “I tried that.” Or “that won’t work.” And you are NOT willing to engage with an open mind, we aren't a match.  

I’m not entirely sure this is right for me. Can I ask you a few questions?  

Of course! Email me at [carolyn at carolynherfurth dot com] and I’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

As a business and sales coach with over 17 years of experience, I'm out to burn the bullsh*t.

Mine. The coaching industry. And yours.

And I do it with a lot of laughs!

Having played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses, I've stood in every imaginable intersection of business design.

Match that with my deep history in sales, and you get some of the most creative, implementable (is that even a word? 😘) strategy south of the North Pole.

Today, my services are in demand by service entrepreneurs who are poised for a reinvention on some level—and want a strategic thought partner to help them navigate that process.  

I have a keen ability to dip into my massive arsenal of business experience and cut to the quick to align your business with your goals, identify and assess what’s “sale-able” and capitalize on your strengths so that your business is fun, profitable and fruitful for you.

Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth Strategic Business Coach

Book Your Private Money Momentum Month With Me & Let's Coax More Cash From Your Golden Goose

Only $2,450

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