Part 4: Creating Your Ideal Value Streams

Let me share something right out of the gates.

And if you’re like most service providers you probably won’t get this, because it’s counterintuitive.

But I appeal to smart women, so I know you’ll get this.

(Intellectually, anyway.)

The worst thing you can do is try to mimic what Marie, Danielle, Amy, Ali, Ash, Denise… and those other beautiful souls are creating.

But why not?! I want to be successful like them!

Because you end up making the wrong offer(s) and *eff up your business.

The days of trying to live someone else’s life must STOP.

Here are a few more of the mistakes I see women making that screw with the flow…

  • Trying to make money in their sleep — but not even making it while they’re awake.
  • Making offers that are one-sided. (This often involves under-charging or over-charging.)
  • Charging by the hour. (That’s a trap!)
  • Offering a group program where they need to find 50 (or 15 or 5) people to join on the same start date. Especially when they have a lukewarm list of 179 people to market to.
  • Creating passive products when they’re not willing to diligently, consistently market them.
  • Dreaming of making 5 figures a month with a membership program— without having the content. Or the interest to post multiple times a day. Or the patience to continually fill it and replace the people who leave after the first few months.

I learned from experience that I’m NOT the coach who’s going to post in a Facebook group once a day, much less 10. Because I prefer dropping a genius-bomb on self-motivated women when it makes sense. Not because it’s what I need to do to keep people motivated or engaged.

While Bryn, on the other hand — she’s the perfect host for a membership group. She lives and breathes social media. Her brain is wired that way. It comes as naturally to her as breathing. So yeah, a membership program makes sense for her.

WTF, Carolyn?!?!?! You were all kumbaya — and now you’re telling me all these things I SHOULDN’T do!

I know it may sound like that, so let’s get one thing straight.

You CAN do these things IF you…

Give very careful thought to how all the moving parts work together.

And what you’re naturally inclined to enjoy doing.

But everyone overlooks the hidden stuff that has to happen behind the scenes. Which is what drags business owners down.

So don’t do it because your goddess or guru is doing it.

Or because Stu is promising to show you how to do it.

Or because you have a romanticized vision of living out your life on a gondola in Venice while money pours in.

I know this all doesn’t sound very inspirational — but the BIGGEST mistakes I see women make revolve around their offers.

Also known as your business model, value streams, packages…

As Steve Jobs said,

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

Diana is a cool hippie chick who lives with her husband in an artsy little community on the banks of the Hudson River — an hour outside of New York.

Her company offers a service that creates and installs custom “art walls” for organizations that want to celebrate, recognize and/or fundraise for their chosen cause.

But operating in the world of non-profits and schools that “don’t have money”, she found herself “giving everything away.”

She was constantly dialing for dollars.

Had collaborations that were front-loaded with a lot of time, but not a lot of income or payoff in the end.

A failed partnership.

Plus a couple of family emergencies that created personal distractions that piled onto it all.

And because she wasn’t earning enough money, she had begun to create even more packages and offers — to appeal to all price points and different markets.

Great idea, right?


That only diluted her focus, created more labor costs and complicated her marketing.

Oh yeah, it didn’t add to her bottom line either.

She didn’t fully understand what her client’s true motivation was. Or what they really valued about Diana and her socially conscious efforts.

She thought her clients wanted a quality product and service, hand holding and a product that spreads goodwill.

Yeah, sure. They do. Sort of.

But she was missing The Hidden Gems buried under the surface.

So not only did that make selling really, really hard for her.

She was undercharging for the value she delivers.

AND she was missing out on key sales opportunities with an offer that they’d be willing to pay a lot of money for.

Because her client’s motivation went deeper than what she originally thought.

And once we tapped into it and created a value stream that caters to that, here’s what happened…

“I walked into a sales meeting with my new consulting pricing sheet on Friday. And at the end of the meeting, after all that I impressed them with, they said “yes” without a flinch. So I quickly texted Nell to raise the prices on the sheet [again].”

And then there’s Beth.

Beth offers book writing services for thought leaders.

It’s very high touch —  and it’s wearing her ass out.

She says, “I’m like an employee in my own damn business.”

She doesn’t have well defined value streams or make clear calls to action.

In fact, she has 9 partially-finished, low-touch, entry point products. But can’t get herself to polish, publish and promote any of them to budding authors.

So every sales conversation feels like a fight against all of the other people who offer book coaching services.

She’s gotten herself stuck in the commodity trap. And is a pawn in the comparison game.

She sees other coaches hosting writing retreats or facilitating masterminds — and claims she wants to do that too. But doesn’t take the time or have energy to make it happen.

So the default to offer straight up private coaching takes over and she’s still stuck in the same place.

A few differences…

Diana understands her clients true motivation.

Beth is in too desperate of a situation to even bother finding out.

Diana is willing to see another point of view.

Beth already knows it all.

Diana is willing to scale back, focus on one value stream and see it through before adding another back in.

Beth finds shiny objects and continues adding more stuff, hoping something will stick.

Diana is willing to ignore what the gurus are doing and find her own best way of putting value streams together.

Beth continues mimicking what she sees others doing — hoping for their same level of success.

If you’re acting like Beth, but want to operate as your own version of Diana, check out my Business Design Retreat.

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