Go BEYOND. Get a charge out of your business again.

A 90 day transformational experience for accomplished business owners who have outgrown their current business model — and are ready to take their venture into a phenomenal new stage of meaning-fueled profit.

Once every successful entrepreneur has reached the point of steady, sustainable profits... they peel off into one of two directions.

One knows what she wants. She's focused, inspired and ready to pursue her next idea to fulfill an even bigger vision.

The other no longer feels the thrill she once had. She's got ideas, but uncertain which, if any, will reignite her energy for the business.

It's clear they both need one thing: Supercharged custom strategy and coaching to innovate new, complementary offers that highlight their expertise and elevate their position as thought leaders.


  • You've built a strong foundation and have things under control
  • Your sales are steady and sustainable
  • You've established a great reputation as a thought leader for your expertise
  • You're plugged into a community that knows, likes, trusts and buys from you
  • You have the lifestyle you want (or damn near close!)

And now, you're either bored. Or burned out.

You're ready for something to change.

But you no longer have the bandwidth for masterminds or programs (or, ahem, silent prayers), and still want expert perspective and smart outside strategy for taking things to the next level.

Welcome to BEYOND:
Custom, supercharged innovations for entrepreneurs who have made it — and are ready to create their next big thing.

Together, inside BEYOND, I'm here to help you: 

  • Infuse a new level of creative energy into ways you monetize your brilliance with new offers
  • Create meaningful (not just profitable) growth
  • Replace an outdated strategy with one that's more in line with your updated vision and goals
  • Capitalize on your natural strengths with revamped revenue streams
  • Optimize the pricing, packaging and marketing for current offers you want to keep
  • Increase sales and profit with your existing client base
  • Step up even more powerfully as a thought leader to expand your influence and reach
  • And create a clear plan to get BEYOND the next level  

Working together with me, Carolyn, in this capacity is best for those who have experienced success and reached six figures... or even 7.

You're wanting something new, but this time is different. You want to do this in a way that's faster than last time... and doesn't risk everything crashing down.

You now need that extra bit of guidance to get excited again… and to move into the next stage of meaningful growth.

I can help you get there.



So far, it’s been up to you, you, you to figure it out. Call the shots. Make the right decision. Take the stab. Hope it’ll work out. Wade through the uncertainty. And be the one in charge.

But being on your own isn't getting you anywhere this time.
You suspect you've got
blind spots slowing you down.


Your 20 minute power nap has now stretched into 45 minutes.

Sure, your hard work has paid off and things are running smoothly.
But the voice for change
in your head keeps getting
louder by the day.

Thing is... you don't want to disturb everything you've worked so hard for so you've been trying to stall, hoping it'll pass.


Your mastermind group and business friends always offer you well-meaning advice.

But nothing is resonating this time around. And you know they have their own businesses to run.

You need the attention and high caliber strategy that run deeper than ad hoc advice.

It can feel so directionless and isolating leading this charge by yourself, can’t it?

This is normal.

You were convinced the last thing you created would last forever. But you've lost your lust for the way you're doing business and know you're capable of even greater impact.

Yep, you're in the growth stage that demands change.

Because it's only a matter of time before profits begin to stall in response to your waning excitement for the business.

You know it's not going away.

You have to make a choice.

What is it costing to dig in your heels and continue doing business the same old way?



  • A strategic event consultant quadrupled her sales from $260,000 to $1.1 million in less than 9 months.
  • Within 2 months, sleep coach partners landed a 7-figure project that combined their passion and expertise in a groundbreaking way, and created a new platform that reaches a much broader audience. 
  • Within 90 days, a book writing expert signed 3 top level clients and sold out a new, virtual offer in less time and with higher profit than her original, in-person version.
  • A brand + business strategist booked $180,000 with a new offer in just 30 days — without sacrificing the 3-day workweek she wanted to protect.
  • A Facebook ad expert doubled her revenues — and then doubled again the following year — with more optimally aligned offers. And she learned to easily close high ticket clients in less than 24 hours, replacing a long sales cycle that was wearing her down.

Given my 30+ year expertise in sales, franchising and business design, I understand more than most, how to get the business model right, while making sure profit is a given.

I do this with self-starters who are at a point of needing an advanced level of support and partnership.

Why do entrepreneurs need help at this point?

Because a smooth, even trajectory sounds nice — but nice gets boring real quick. You’ve been there, done that, seen everything there is to see at this level. And now your business needs a fresh, carefully crafted new direction to ascend beyond and become exciting again — both personally and in payoff.

Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve reinvented myself from sales manager for Oracle to wildly successful franchise owner; I’ve upleveled from franchise owner to creator of a massive franchise expo; I’ve added published author into the mix and come out on the other side as a thought leader and force-of-nature business coach.

That personal journey of reinvention is why I got really, really passionate about business model design for startups, which I’ve done extensively for 19+ years, helping my clients launch and grow hundreds of businesses. And I ran business accelerators for over 6 years, bringing business design into a more holistic coaching practice that helped entrepreneurs level up no matter which stage they’re in.

Today, I create specialized, high-level strategy for established business owners so they can reach the next stage of meaningful growth, impact and profit without sacrificing the reputation or lifestyle they've earned.

My clients tell me one of my superpowers is quickly calculating what’s really going on and helping you see the bigger picture potential so you can focus on your highest opportunities and start gearing everything toward the big vision — instead of watching your days drown in boredom, burnout or business as usual.  

When we engage together for a 90-day sprint, you’ll get: 

  • A strategic thought partner who's dedicated to help you build out your vision and optimize your path to realizing it — whether you have a singular idea — or a million of them
  • A refined business model design that aligns with your personal goals, financial needs, and big vision — and makes room for new ideas to grow  
  • A map of your packaging and pricing that will finally bring all of your offers together into a cohesive product line that snaps all of the loose ends into place  
  • A clear-cut sales and business strategy specific to your value, ideal clients, products and services — without plugging you into a one-size-fits-none formula that you outgrew ages ago
  • An UBER focused marketing strategy to attract new prospects
  • A sales approach that will help you close… more often, more profitably and in record time  
  • A plan for letting go* and delegating of all of the things that you should no longer be doing  
  • And a summary that highlights the strategy AND the biggest blind spots in your business that you’ll want to look out for, moving forward
  • A plan for 6-12 months that gets you on fire again  

* The prospect and process of letting go can bring up a spectrum of emotions and crazy-making. I've been there myself plenty of times over the years — so I've experienced the resistance, firsthand. Plus I've coached my own clients through it countless times. So we find the best way for you to make your business reinvention happen — whether it's a massive undertaking — or a small, yet powerful shift to create happy returns.

"I’m blown away by Carolyn’s ability to coach entrepreneurs create a scalable model that suits the human behind the business. What I appreciate most about her style is her ability to truly listen, get to the heart of the matter, and provide practical advice through the lens of years of experience and wisdom she brings to the table."  

Angela Jia Kim Founder of Savor Lifestyle Brands  


This coaching happens in a 90-day sprint. It generally operates on a first-come-first-served basis once a client has been approved as an appropriate candidate. (In other words, if I think you'll be served better another way, I’ll tell you so.)  

  • We kick off our 90 days with a Money Mapping INVENTORY™ that allows you to brain dump your assets and experience.
  • Then we meet for a half-day private Strategic INNOVATION Intensive, which can take place in my home in NYC, or remotely via Zoom video  
  • For the next three months, you'll have unlimited Zoom sessions to IMPLEMENT and OPTIMIZE (that's right, schedule as many as you need!)
  • And you can email me anytime with questions or “oh sh*t” moments for review, feedback and advice on anything from sales copy to strategy  


INQUIRY Review your history, hangups and heroics to tune into what's really going on and identify specific areas ripe for change to realign your business with your vision. We discuss this in an ideation call before we agree to work together.

Take stock of your assets, experience and ideas to lay the groundwork for determining what stays and what goes... to make room for what's new.

INNOVATE Excavate and ideate to re/design your strategy — including your re/calibrated offers for your ideally aligned revenue and meaning-making opportunities.

IMPLEMENT Execute on your marketing and sales strategy to generate a steady demand for the valuable services only you deliver.

OPTIMIZE Actively calibrate your tactics as you implement your strategy to maximize your ideal balance of happiness and profit.  

"Looking back 3 years later, if I had thought that from our first meeting I would be where I am today, I wouldn't have believed it. Whenever I go back to our notes, (and it is often) it amazes me that everything was so spot-on and that Carolyn saw the potential, long before I did. Thank you Carolyn!"

Alana Langelotz Founder of Arlan Group  

Next Steps to Reserve Your Slot for Coaching: 

  • Before agreeing to work together, let's get to know each other. Click the yellow button below to schedule your *BEYOND* Ideation Session.
  • We'll review your History + Hangups + Heroics (Step 1 of my framework) to tune into what's really going on and identify specific areas ripe for change that will take your business BEYOND.
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  • We'll reserve the kick-off date for your private half-day Strategic Innovation Intensive
  • You'll get busy completing the proprietary Money Momentum Inventory™ questionnaire that provides insight into your intellectual capital, experience and goals. I want to know everything!
  • Then I begin to wrap my head around your situation, stakeholders (family, clients, vendors, etc) and start ideating so we make the very most of our time when we're together for your strategic innovation intensive

I wanted a rockstar biz coach and I honestly feel like I found it in you. 😘😍
- Rayna Wallen

"I JUST HAD A $21,000 day!!! No. Big. F*cking. Deal.  

THANK YOU Carolyn for all the work we did in our private intensive. Changing the conversation has changed everything. You just DOUBLED my financial goal for this month!!"

Laurie Davis Edwards Founder & CEO of eFlirt Expert Author of Love @ First Click 

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I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

xo, Carolyn  

We now have a platform to reach a much broader audience

There's no question that Carolyn helped us reboot our sense of worth and value in the world… and the world did not take long to respond to that! 

Within two months of working together, we landed a huge new project that combined our passion and expertise in a groundbreaking way, and we now have a platform to reach a much broader audience. 

Carolyn is an extraordinary listener and truly gifted at reflecting back the light in each of us, and in all we have created together. 

Jennifer Waldburger & Jill Spivack Sleepy Planet Parenting Authors, The Sleepeasy Solution  

I’ve never had this kind of ROI. You can quote me on that.

I've been in business for 10 years and achieved a lifestyle that's way beyond what I even was trying to go for. But oddly enough, that left me with a huge hole in my heart. I felt completely unmotivated… like the energy had just drained from me. I really wasn't sure what my next move was… and I wanted to get back that energy and that excitement that I had had in my business many times before.

Within a couple of weeks, Carolyn coached me from not knowing what I was going to do next... to closing $180,000 in sales. It’s completely transformed how I’ll be working in my business moving forward. And this is the basis for my whole business strategy from now on.

I've never had this kind of ROI on anything I've ever invested in, nor have I gotten the results so quickly from anything I've ever invested in.  

I cannot think you enough, Carolyn. And I cannot recommend you enough.

If you're a badass in business and you want to like really jump to the next level, Carolyn's your woman. 

Pia Silva Brand Strategist + Speaker Author, Badass Your Brand  

Click to watch Pia share her story

This plan was worth a million dollars. Charge me more!

Before meeting Carolyn, I was purely focused on the quick buck and working on projects and with clients I didn’t particularly enjoy. It limited my ability to grow sales beyond my current capacity—unless I didn’t want to have much of a lifestyle, that is. But I love luxury travel and champagne—and damn it, I want it all!  

I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out—but was attracted to Carolyn’s style of coaching because, like her, I want everything I do to be my favorite thing.  

Not only have I doubled my revenues this past year—I’m working with clients on projects I thoroughly enjoy. I’m also developing new ways to help more people—with a plan in place to double my revenues again this coming year—without sacrificing my “have it all” lifestyle."  

#ilovemybusiness #champagneforever  

Jennifer Spivak The Facebook Ads Girl  

Knowing that my business model was in need of help as a result of having more clients than I could handle and not earning the amount I knew I could, I decided to hire Carolyn to support me with revamping it.  

Carolyn immediately helped me identify my income streams, determine exactly how much I should be charging and carved out a business model that’s unique to me, fits my lifestyle and allowed me to add thousands to my income every month.

Jeannie Spiro Speaking Strategist  

I will be forever grateful for the fact that I no longer have to "fake it to make it" because Carolyn helped me find and take ownership of my true center, audience and network as a businesswoman. As a result, I not only landed the biggest client of my career, I've also been presented with other amazing opportunities that would not have been possible without making this crucial investment in myself and my business.

Anne Marie S. Executive Coach & Author  

Just 7 days after meeting with Carolyn, I signed a new client at twice what I had been charging and my income has been fantastic!  

I appreciate Carolyn’s ability to size up my personal, financial and professional interests and see my real value. She refined and “re-valued” what I offer so that I know make more profit, feel more organized and do it with less stress.

Sara Blette Make My Notebook & Necessary Spaces

Oh hi, you're still here. ;)

What's between you and
your next big thing?

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