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On the path to wild crazy entrepreneurial success, you hit roadblocks, questioned your sanity, went broke, doubted everything, forgot your vision, lost your morale, became defeated, felt deflated, stopped trusting yourself and maybe even wondered if this was such a good idea, after all.

None of that stuff necessarily felt good, but it was a rite of passage to figuring out how to do business YOUR WAY.

Once you got to a point where things were working, everything you were doing screamed brave, bold, confidence. You could tell anyone, with all the conviction in the world, that they should absolutely buy what you have to sell. And the whole thing felt rather good. (That’s the good news.)

Until recently.

Because now, you’re questioning things again. You feel the itch to move onto something new. But you hesitate to revisit the inevitable rite of passage that goes with expanding into the unknown.

Bottom line: You don’t want to walk away from what’s working, in the name of creating your next thing.

I’m all about: getting
real about who you are
and where you’re at—and
then figuring out how to
reinvent your business
the human way.

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