UNSHAKABLE™ is the training trifecta of mindset + strategy + tactics for women business owners motivated to command and receive the price they deserve when creating and selling their services. 

Women are taught to downplay their brilliance, speak softly, act sweet, be modest, smooth their skirts and never come across as too pushy, braggy or forward 

— and it’s costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in cold, hard, much-deserved cash.

Truth: Most women are either out of touch with — or too modest about — the real-world value they offer. As a result, we’ve got some of the world’s most talented, smart, with-it women, out there quietly undermining their talents, their skills and their business… with every offer they make.

  • What do you do?
  • How can it help me?
  • Why should I pick you?
  • What do you charge? 

These are questions that business owners get asked everyday, and if you don’t know how to create meaningful offers, or answer those questions with strength, poise and power, you’ve effectively just given the competition a (big, meaty) leg up.  

Especially in an environment that's diluting attention now, more than ever.

Because it’s easy to say something generic, safe and general like, “I help you make more money,” or “I work with you to improve your relationships,” or “I’ll teach you how to lose weight.” But there’s only one problem with that: 

Everyone else is saying the same thing, Sister.

Not because it’s the right thing to say, but because most business owners aren’t trained sales people. Combine that with a lifetime of being polite — *curtsy, dahling* — and you’ve got an entire blindspot that massively f*cks a lot of hard-working women. Assertion gets mistaken for (and disdained like) aggression, and the next thing you know, what should have been a killer sales meeting, full of signatures, yeses, and where-do-I-signs, turns into one big let-me-cringe-and-try-to-convince-you because I-really need-you-to-take-a-chance-on-me fest. 

So what’s a gal to do?  

The secret is in three little words:  

Understand, articulate and own what you bring to the table 

The trouble is that many business owners don’t know what that is yet—and they sure as heck don’t have confidence around it. (Don’t worry, you will soon.) 

That said, how would you like to feel unshakable? 


Principle #1: UNDERSTAND

Maybe you don’t know your own value. Maybe you don’t believe you bring value. Maybe you’re holding onto unconscious commitments to something more powerful than your “awake” brain can control. Maybe you don’t know how to receive, and it’s creating one hell of a money block. There are many factors that go into having a bedrock understanding of what, exactly, your value is in the marketplace, and this is where we’re going to get abundantly clear on what, exactly that is for YOU. 

Principle #2: ARTICULATE 

Armed with a crystal-clear understanding of your actual worth, now it’s time to articulate it. Remember this: the way you present your services is just as important as the service itself. Together, we’ll work on formulating and expressing your unique value with clarity, ease, effectiveness and kick-assery (official term.) Because if we can’t articulate our true value, how in the world can we expect potential clients to buy it

Principle #3: OWN 

Now that you’ve done all of the hard work, the fun part is putting this into practice with your new clients and really committing yourself to owning your worth in every nook and cranny of your business. Here we’ll shine a light on any limiting beliefs that may keep you stuck, so that you can finally acknowledge and fully claim your true and unique value. This is where the name UNSHAKABLE comes from, because now you won’t have to second guess yourself ever again: and neither will your clients. A win-win for everyone!

What’s YOUR value? 

Let’s find out!

Register now for instant access to Unshakable. This 3-module program includes:

  • 3 Hours of Video Lessons
  • 3 Downloadable MP3 Audios to listen on the go
  • 3 Action Guides with your "do this, then that" checklist
  • The Unshakable Gameboard™ to bring it all together
  • #SundayCEO Prompts

For just $97, you’ll instantly receive all 3 modules.


Over the course of just 3 lessons, you’ll go from timid, uncertain and shy about your value, to standing up and being able to state who you are and what you bring to the table with pride, confidence and skill — the key component that most female business owners are lacking. 

You’ll also become wildly more self-assured when it comes to creating new offers, raising your rates, charging ambitious money for your time and skills — and never being taken for small potatoes again.  

And the best part?  

You’ll never be scared, either.