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Sometimes You Need To Turn Around To Pick Up More Passengers

Long before becoming a business coach for women business owners, I was a teenager in small town Minnesota looking for new ways to be entertained. One of our winter pastimes was perfecting what we nicknamed the “Rockford Files.” Also known […]

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

When You Know You’re Meant For Something More

If you’ve ever had the sense that you were cut out for something bigger but can’t cut through the fuzz to see what it is, there’s hope for you yet, Sister. How many cool things have you created in your […]

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Lichtenstein The Head of Barcelona

A Quick Guessing Game To Inspire Your Next Big Idea

As a small business owner, it’s easy to fall in the trap of limiting myself to look only at what others are doing in their businesses. But as a business coach, that kind of same-same thinking wouldn’t help my clients—because […]

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If You’re Guessing, You’re Already Losing 😫

Most business owners take a well-meaning stab at trying to guess their value — “I’ll price this at…*consults Magic Eight Ball*… $500?!”  via GIPHY But the clammy, icky, nobody-loves-this-part truth is this: If you’re guessing, you’re already losing. Don’t throw […]

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A Clearcut Way To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The singular reason behind the success of the top franchises of 2018 is undeniable.  It’s a lead you can follow—but with less friction since you’re far more nimble than a 14,000 location (or 4, for that matter) behemoth! I’ve been out of […]

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Side Eyeing: Kisses, Long Tails and Change

On my last trip down a digital rabbit hole, I found my very first blog from… (get this)… 2004. via GIPHY 37 posts. A not so great wall of words. And a grand total of 3 grainy pictures. 🙄 Fifteen years […]

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What Happens When You Head In The Opposite Direction

Six years ago, I dramatically* confessed to my Mastermind group that something needed to change, but I didn’t know what was next. * Cue mascara face. Gasping for breath through snot inducing sobs. And a record setter on the “embarrassment […]

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Why Giving Up Right Now Is A Bad Idea

Maybe you’re questioning if you’ll EVER gain the fame and fortune of your business heroines. And sure, things may feel messy or bleak or slow moving. But it’s not a good idea to quit—even if it looks that way. Even […]

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Defying The “Proven Recipe” When Your Bacon Is On The Line

A few years back, I was brazen (or crazy) enough to host a series of FREE half-day sales training workshops in NYC. (And this city isn’t known for free A N Y T H I N G — except great tap […]

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How I Finally Found Freedom In My Business

When I started The Biztruth 7 years ago, I wanted to know exactly what to do in order to have a screamingly successful business. I came from the franchise world where I invested in the promise, “do this and you’ll get that.”  So I […]

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