I totally screwed myself out of a deal (and I’m actually proud of it)

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

On Friday the 13th, a potential client turned the tables on me.

At the end of our conversation, she asked, “how do you measure YOUR success, Carolyn?”

And I instantly responded:

By the success of my CLIENTS.

But it’s not because I don’t value making my own money. I promise I do!!

The truth is… I love celebrating my clients’ success, because I want women to own the world.

Yes, I understand that “owning the world” isn’t a thing. It’s not like buying a Chanel handbag, for god sakes.

What I really mean is that I want women to own THEIR world. To be, do and have their very best.

Because there have been times I haven’t owned my world. (Have you listened to my podcast episodes on my b.s. around Resistance and playing the Victim?! 😫)

I’m shocked by how many of us are perfectly capable — but take far too curly of a route to get out of our own way.

A good business coach brings out the leader, the visionary, the badass — that’s in every one of us.

That’s why, in my universe, the clients are the real stars of the show.

Case in point…

I totally screwed myself out of a deal this month.

Someone reached out to me for coaching, but she wasn’t totally sure BEYOND was right for her. She was hankering for a 6-12 month group program — but mine’s on pause for the time being.

So in the end, she decided to go with a different coach.

Out of curiosity, I asked who she hired…

And I just about fell over when she told me.

Turns out she joined the mastermind that I helped one of my clients create a few weeks earlier.

What are the odds?!

And her year-long group program costs almost twice as much as 90 days of private coaching with me, so it wasn’t a matter of price.

This is the same client who also worked with me on crafting her sales approach to fill the group. Anything she’d ever sold was through a sales page, never through a conversation. (Clearly she’s doing just fine with it now!)

Talk about full circle.

How many clients would YOU like to “steal” next year? 😉


p.s. BEYOND was the birthplace of that client’s mastermind offer and new sales approach. Grab some of that client-stealin’ magic for yourself.

p.p.s. And if you just want a bite-size, one-day dose of that magic… join us for the workshop next month in NYC where we’ll clarify and optimize your highest priority value stream: Spots are $100 OFF right now.

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