We’ve all heard, “change is inevitable” and “what you resist, persists” — but knowing it and understanding it are two entirely different things. Over my 17 years in business, I’ve had some serious cat fights with change over the years. It hasn’t always been pretty. Or even slightly cute.

So I’m here to share the good, bad and ugly of my resistance in this final episode of Season Two.

Listen in as I go solo to I talk about my RESISTANCE and…

  • My similarity to characters in The Office and how to spot the different types of resistance
  • What resistance feels like in your body and the toxicity that results when we resist
  • Where resistance shows up in the cycle of reinvention and what happens when we finally give into resistance

Thanks for joining me for the final episode of Season Two of Burn The Bullsh*t!



Season 5 Episode 21 – The Michael Scott Paper Company

Barcelona 11 to 11

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