The bullsh*t belief — “You can be either rich or a good person, but not both”negatively impacted how much Shelly Davies charged for her services. And led to shortchanging herself to the tune of thousands of dollars each day.

Add that up over time and… well… you can do the math.

At 44 this year, Shelly Davies is living a dream she didn’t know she had – helping people live more fully, more authentically, and more in their truth. She does this with a lot of laughs, her new traditional Māori chin tattoo, and a fair amount of curse words sprinkled liberally through everything she does, even her website. Shelly’s story is one of loving self through dead husbands, depression, obesity, single parenting, running an #accidentallyawesome business, and even, much to her equal dismay and delight, grandparenting.

By brand, Shelly’s a “Rockstar Writing Trainer” – one of New Zealand’s go-to deliverers of business and technical writing training.  But boy, those engineers and government departments don’t realise what they’re going to get once Shelly’s in the room.

What they get is a lot of UNTRAINING – undoing all of the bad habits they picked up at university and through their careers.  With hashtags like #writelikeahuman and #authenticitywins, Shelly encourages research-based approaches to writing in more authentic ways, with a natural voice that increases confidence and trust.

For a really good kick-in-the-ass to loving yourself more and communicating your fees and worth more effectively, tune in for this episode. Because she’s one of the best bullsh*t burners breathing today!



Shelly Davies Website

Shelly’s Book: Good Shit I’ve Learned

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