Do you crave live experiences as much as I do? Then join me!

Even if it means we have to do it virtually for awhile longer.

Because whether I’m delivering a keynote — or hosting one my own events — you can count on a fun experience and an actionable plan for earning more (without working more.)

And there’s absolutely nothing better than an inspiring setting to fan your creative flames! I host events on my private patio, in a boardroom that overlooks the iconic Empire State Building and at a New York comedy club.

And damn right 👉🏼 on Zoom!

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October 30, 2020

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Looking For A Keynote Speaker?

When I’m not training and coaching my clients around the globe, I love speaking to audiences of entrepreneurs. I’m obsessed with empowering women entrepreneurs to approach sales and business from a position of personal strength and freedom, rather than being gripped by fear.

Women can – and must – learn to “own” their business from start to finish… and that can’t be done without knowing how to confidently sell your solutions.

Do you run an event or organization that supports the growth of women entrepreneurs?

Check out the most popular topics below—then go ahead and ask us about keynotes and workshops that I can deliver to your group.

Carolyn Herfurth | Keynote Speaker | Savor Life Summit

My Most Popular Topics

From Burned Out to Badass

We set goals, achieve them and do it again. But after awhile, we hit burnout and wonder why it feels like the wheels are falling off! Don’t worry, it’s all part of the Entrepreneur’s Evolution we’ll experience countless times as business owners. (Get used to it. 😘)

So what IS the next evolution in your business model? What’s it look like? How do you make it happen? And how do you move through it without forfeiting the success you worked so hard for?

These are some of the questions we’ll explore so that you minimize burnout and stand firmly in your badass energy ⚡️ throughout your many evolutions.

Ace Your Business Model

Quick! What does a deck of cards ♦️♣️♥️♠️ have to do with your business model?

(No, it’s not gambling, but clever guess!)

In this popular talk, you’ll find out about the different shapes and suits that make up your business—and how to design your offers with the one that’ll make your vision and goals come alive.

Get Carolyn’s unique insight on the different factors to consider when designing your business model—so you can make the greatest impact to your bottom line, while making your impact on the world.

Burn The Bullsh*t , Fire Up Your Business! 🔥🐃💩

Business isn’t always going to feel good—but it should never feel wrong. When things aren’t working the way they used to and you’re ready to level up — you need to get real about who you are and where you’re at in business — and then figure out how to get to the next level, the human way.

Carolyn delivers a healthy dose of honesty, a new way of thinking about your business model and an arsenal of down-to-earth business strategies that will take you from questioning your next step—to burning the bullshit and kicking ass!

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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Events for Women | New York City