Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

The women who come out on top are the ones using this time to determine how to pivot and change.

There are people acting out of fear right now. (Like the ones who bought literally all the frozen veggies and chocolate in Trader Joe’s the other day. 😫)

And there are a few who are calmly looking for the opportunity.

Not the opportunity to take advantage of people… but the opportunity to tap into their zone of genius to help out. And yeah, maybe cash in a little bit. (There’s no shame in money making, coronavirus or not.)

This message is for you if you’re in that second group.

You see the chaos and think, “okay, what can *I* do to help as we move ahead?”

You’re looking for the opportunity that you can uniquely offer.

You don’t react out of fear. That’s not who you are.

You’re running a badass business and you’re 100% stocked up on Charmin.

You’re looking around and thinking, “what’s the pivot I can make in this new coronavirus economy that helps people right now? What’s the opportunity to make a difference? How can I tap into my zone of genius to help the people who need it — and make some moolah in the process?”

Clients and colleagues consistently look to me because they’ve told me that I’m really good at seeing opportunities and turning it into an actionable plan just like THAT. [ snaps fingers ]

So if you’re sitting there thinking some of the things I mentioned above, listen to those wise women. According to them… I *could* be your secret weapon… I *could* help you tap into your brilliance.

That’s why I’ve rearranged my schedule to open up a handful of “mini-VIP” strategy spots.

Ever since the coronavirus started hitting closer to home, I’ve been doing these brainstorming sessions with my private clients and close colleagues. The ideas are actionable, in integrity — and bring real value to those they serve.

It’s called ONWARD — because we’ll tap into your assets, ideas and opportunities to create something that provides lasting value as we move forward.

Beyond the current upset in our world.

We’ll find that one thing you can monetize, pivot, adapt, initiate… whatever needs to be done to find the opportunity that delivers massive value right now.

Here’s how ONWARD works…

  1. Once you claim your spot, you complete the same prep work I send my private VIP clients for their full-on strategy intensives. This, alone, will have you looking at your business through a different lens.
  2. Next, we hold a private 75-minute mini VIP session (via Zoom, obvi) to create the overall strategy and direction for your offer. Within about 75 minutes, we’ve agreed to a strategy you love and have the full plan laid out for how it’s packaged, priced and how you’ll approach marketing and sales.
  3. For the following 30 days, you’ll get two 30-minute check-in calls and email access to tweak the action you’re taking to confirm we’ve NAILED IT!

Because the businesses that continue to find ways to deliver massive value? They’re not going anywhere. They’ll weather the storm.

Since you’re still reading this, I have a hunch that’s you: a business owner who adds enormous value every time you serve someone.

I want women business owners like you to come out on top.

(I want that all the time, but especially in light of this whole coronavirus thing.)

That’s why I’m offering these bite sized VIP sessions. And I’m tapping into my own zone of genius to create my own little “stimulus package” for you. I’m known for my out-of-the-box ideas and creativity so you’re in good hands.

This isn’t fly-by-night coaching.

In fact, I learn as much about you as I do for my longer-term private clients so that when we go into your strategy session, we go deep. (A similar session I did 2 weeks ago produced a $250,000 / year opportunity for the client… just to give you an idea.)

And here’s the thing… just like the perfume companies that have pivoted to making hand sanitizer in the time of corona… you’re probably already doing something adjacent to what the new opportunity is. You just don’t see it that way.

This situation sucks, but you’re already watching your energy. You know tough times can produce great things. As Hugh MacLeod of @gapingvoid puts it, “the agony of change is the start of something good.”

So let’s do some good together as we move onward and upward.

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