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Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

I’d been holding off sharing this sleep hack because I wanted to be absolutely sure it’s legit.

And now that it’s been working for me consistently this past month, I feel like it’s worthy to share with you. Plus, I’ve had a lot of clients and colleagues tell me they’ve had trouble sleeping lately… so it’s time to spill my secret.

So I’ve figured out how to fall asleep even when my mind is racing.

(Like the other night, wondering why my 85 year old mom went to Walmart last week… what she could have possibly needed so badly that she put herself in danger of catching this scary virus? gahhh!)

And I don’t have to pull out my phone or iPad to play a yoga nidra or other sleep meditation, which has been my go to until now.

So. The sleep hack:

When I go to bed, (or when I catch myself catastrophe-thinking after I come back from a 3am pee) I lie there and I think, “I’m so thankful to be resting.”

And after a few refrains *just like that* I’m out like a light.

Instead of agitating about the fact that I’m awake and can’t fall asleep and worrying like I used to, I focus on gratitude for rest.

“It’s so nice to lay here and rest. It’s great to have this nice bed and these soft sheets to rest on.”

When I focus on the fact that I’m resting, I fall right to sleep.

And if my mind wanders, I refocus on gratitude for rest.

Note that it’s just one step away from the payload.

I’m not saying “Gaaaah, I can’t sleep!” And I’m not saying, “I’m thankful I can sleep.”

But resting? Yep. That’s definitely happening. Not gonna throw any “dirty lies!” alarm bells off in my brain. I simply focus on being thankful for resting *and poof!* my body takes the next step all on its own.

And if I notice my mind wandering, I simply go back to my “rest” refrain.

With the exception of one time, it’s been working like a charm for me the past 5+ weeks. Even amid the recent corona chaos.

And I’ve gotten loads of feedback it’s been working for the people I’ve shared it with so far.

So if you’ve been finding yourself awake… worrying about life, business, COVID-19 (or other) stuff… give it a try.

And then let me know if it works like a charm for you, too.

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