Spin the Advice-o-Rama Wheel!

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women Business Owners

You’ve cleared your Peloton and quickly dwindling wine subscription stash out of the spare bedroom to make room for the whole crew — studying, eating and sleeping under your roof again 24×7.

You’ve stopped mainlining CNN.

And you’ve filtered through the crisis updates from Google, WordPress, Verizon, Blue Cross, ConEd, your family dentist — and the 153 other service providers you forgot you had.

Now you’ve got something else to deal with:


More specifically, conflicting opinions.

And I’m not just referring to political disagreements.

It’s business advice.

Only make free offers, otherwise you’ll look greedy.
There’s nothing wrong with making money.

Reduce expenses.
Invest in your business.

Don’t pivot.

Don’t be afraid.
Feel the fear.

We’re being served up more options than a 10-minute swipe session on Tinder.

Except most of it looks good… so it can lead to second guessing yourself.

Want my advice?  😘

*Sure, why not, Carolyn?*  🙄

Once you make a decision… don’t look back on your choice with regret.

Even if you get conflicting advice.

Let it be part of the journey.

We’re all figuring this out for the first time.

Nobody’s right.

And nobody’s wrong.

Including you.


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And if you’re looking for a thought partner to help you make the best decisions for YOU, hit me up directly.

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