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Shasta Nelson is a keynote speaker, author, and leading expert on friendship and healthy relationships. She’s been featured in the media such as Katie Couric’s Katie, Fox Business, The Early Show, The Today Show and The Steve Harvey Show and many more.

I invited Shasta to talk about CONNECTION during this time because some of us are quarantined alone. Others are riding it out with someone we may not like. Or simply want to deepen relationships with those we already appreciate.

And I could’ve talked to her for houuuuuuuurs!

In our conversation, Shasta shares…

  • How emotionally intelligent people know what their emotions are telling them
  • Why most of us are “leaking peace” and what to do about it
  • The difference between Change and Transition — and her advice for moving through each to reduce dissonance
  • What to do if you’re feeling lonely
  • How to make your Zoom calls super meaningful
  • The 3 requirements of a healthy relationship — and how to assess the health of any relationship you’re in (personal or professional)

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