This episode is dedicated to anyone trying to live up to other people’s expectations. It’s for anyone who’s held back on making a change until change was forced upon them. My guest today, Natasha Nurse, is here to share how she stopped reacting in her career, and started asking herself “What do I want?”

A total badass and a native New Yorker, Natasha is an entrepreneur, media personality, coach, model, influencer, and podcaster! Growing up in a culture that stresses hard work and success at all costs, Natasha was never going to be anything less than incredible. But for years, she pursued other people’s ideas of incredible, set to their expectations.

Choose you. When people are being toxic and naysayers, choose yourself, and choose to ignore the BS that other people try to impart upon you. It’s their own cry for help, their own sadness, their own jealousy, their own weakness. Guess  what? That is not your problem. That is not your narrative.

Natasha was raised under the mantra of, “How can you be anything less than extraordinary?” In this case, “extraordinary” meant a traditionally professional career track, and so Natasha followed suit. Tenacious by nature with an iron backbone, she put all that energy first towards becoming a vet… but she really just wanted to play with puppies, not perform surgery on them. She then pivoted to a career in law in 2008… just in time for the economy to tank. At that point, Natasha had to come to terms with the fact that her vision of a successful and happy life was not the same as the expectations her parents had.

Tune in as Natasha tells all about:

  • The pros and cons of growing up with astronomical expectations, and how those expectations shaped her career journey.
  • The tectonic shift from succeeding for everyone else, to redefining success for herself.
  • How she dealt with fear and doubt around striking out on her own (Hint: it didn’t involve dissolving into a puddle of tears).
  • Practical, no BS advice about what to do if you’re buried under other people’s expectations.

Natasha may be a lot of things, but she’s definitely not shy — and she’s got a lot to share. If you have a case of  “I can’t” fever, listen up, because she’s got the remedy.




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