We’re kicking off Season Two with an episode that’s a double header of mutual BS burning!

The first time I laid eyes on Karen Graves, I turned to my friends and said, “Who is this woman? Where did she come from, and why have I never met her before?” Because she’s amazing! Well, it turns out, the feeling was mutual. But Karen and I wasted more than a few years being intimidated by each other before we finally connected.  🙄

Yet I am so glad we finally did, because Karen is even cooler than I thought. As a kickass sales coach, Karen transforms sales-phobics into sales-aholics. She’s been helping women start and scale their businesses for over a decade, and as a self-described “mama bear,” she has no time for that manipulative, predatory BS we see so much of in the coaching space. (I know you know what I mean.)

Part of the reason Karen doesn’t mess with those methods? They worked on her, once upon a time. And it was. Not. Pretty. Not for her business, not for her growth, not for her family.

In all my interactions up to this point, I was chasing the moment where someone would say to me, You are enough. You’re smart enough, you’re good enough, you know enough, you can do this. I wanted that validation, that pat on the head. But then someone said to me, “Why are you waiting for someone else to fix something that’s not broken?”

Now, I want to make it clear to everyone out there listening: this episode is not about Karen playing the victim. (Hello, that’s my schtick, in case you missed the Season One finale.) We’re not pointing fingers at how someone chooses to run their business. This is purely about our own stuff in response to our experiences.

In this episode, Karen will tell you all about:

  • Signs that you’re in “the bubble”
  • What you really want to be focusing on when you start something new in your business
  • The importance of working with people who respect your values
  • Self-validating on a budget
  • Advice for anyone who hears Karen’s story and thinks, “Oh shit, that’s me”

You’re already a kickass business owner, but might still be striving for gold stars and pats on the head. (Because I know I still do some days.) So strap in, hit play, and don’t waste another minute thinking you’re not enough.




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