“Some things might make sense, but it still might make you miserable.”

That’s just ONE of the truth bombs Ash Ambirge drops in our conversation about following the rules (like good girls are trained to do.)

Let’s back up a minute.

Wise beyond her years, Ash is an internet entrepreneur, creative writer, speaker, and as you’ll hear in this episode, she’s an advocate for women being brave and doing disobedient things with their careers and their lives.

Her voice has been called, “the most memorable on the Internet,” “original in a world with too little of it,” and also, “really kinda sweary,” which, no surprise, is the one she loves the most.

She’s the founder of The Middle Finger Project®, which is both the name of her hallmark lifestyle blog, as well the title of her new book that you MUST read.

In our conversation, Ash talks about her BS linked to following the rules and trying to blend in…

  • Why her highest aspiration used to be “the middle class project”
  • How she ended up almost homeless BECAUSE she was following the rules
  • The “Polaroid Moment” when everything changed
  • What she did instead, when she decided to shun the only survival method she knew
  • What forced her to think more creatively
  • Why the belief of “if it’s not hard, it’s not good” is total bullshit
  • And how many fucks you get each day (#swearyash)

Let’s burn some BS!  🔥🐃💩

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