Do you dare to commit?

It ain’t always easy.

When I saw my parents walking down the sidewalk holding hands on Sunday, I couldn’t help but consider of what great roles models they are for us as entrepreneurs.

They’ve been married for almost 56 years. Raised 5 kids. Moved four times. Undergone countless surgeries. Belong to different churches. Disagree on plenty of topics. And dealt with their share of challenges and adversity over the past 5+ decades.

Despite the challenges that life presents, they still hold hands every now and then.

So I asked them what one word they would use to describe what it’s taken to make things work.

They both replied “commitment”.

Interestingly, I talk to plenty of entrepreneurs who don’t have that same commitment to their business.

So I have a suggestion for when the going gets tough.

Commit to your goals (not your business).

Achieving your goals is what will bring you satisfaction. Your business is simply a vehicle to help you get there.Mom and Dad holding hands

If your biz isn’t set up to allow you to reach them, you need to do one of two things:

  1. Change your business model to support your goals
  2. Change your goals to endure your business model

And then commit to the path you choose.

My parents have changed their “marriage model” multiple times to support their shifting goals over the past 50+ years. They have the stories to prove it’s not always pretty, but are still holding hands as evidence that it works when you stay committed.

If your business isn’t supporting…

Why you started in the first place; helping you earn the 

Income you want; enjoying the 

Lifestyle you want and creating the

Legacy you’d like…

Explore the W.I.L.L. Formula™  further to whip things into shape.

Dare to commit.

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