When You Know You’re Meant For Something More

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach | Women Business Owners

If you’ve ever had the sense that you were cut out for something bigger but can’t cut through the fuzz to see what it is, there’s hope for you yet, Sister.

How many cool things have you created in your business over the years? How many of those things still light you up? And how many now drag you down?

And how many are hard to let go because they’re such good moneymakers?

I know that feeling of being strangled by the golden handcuffs that keep you from moving onto bigger and better things.

It feels safe to hang on, but it’s oh so limiting.

“Reinvent?! I can’t do that because I’m known for ________ and it makes me damn good money!”

A misconception people have about reinvention is that it’s about starting completely over.

Throwing out the old to bring in the new.

But in the majority of cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Reinvention is often a matter of finding new ways to combine old things.

Rejiggering things to steer clear of what no longer lights you up.

And incorporating what’s important to you—a legacy or philosophy you want to spread—that’s infused into a new iteration of your business model.

“I feel like a jigsaw puzzle that was just put back together.”

Business coach | Small business owner

I hosted my first private intensive on the patio of the season—and that’s ☝🏼 the last thing my client said as she walked out the door on Friday.

She’s been in business for 12 years and is making great money.

But as a creative, was feeling very scattered and unfocused with several different brands and business lines that she’s introduced as new ideas spring to life. And she’s “over” doing what’s been the primary moneymaker in her business.

As we began to sift through each revenue stream, I could sense what she felt the “practical, sensible” route was. And I could see what lit her the hell up! 🔥

You can guess where we focused, right?

In the end, she went from 8 revenue streams that made her feel strung out and burned out—to three that produce fat profits, high fun and low stress.

Here’s the breakdown…

  • We kept one of the originals as is.
  • We modified a second and put parameters around it to increase profit and limit stress.
  • And we created a brand new offer by combined 2 current revenue streams + adding a new twist to create one high powered, high profit, alchemized service.

This third one is her game changer.

It’s the biggest reinvention in her reinvention. 😍

It positions her as a thought leader in her industry. Puts her in the spotlight as an innovator. And solves the “I feel like I’m something bigger” conundrum she was facing.

All three also allow her to lift up others to “live without limits”—a mission and way of life that’s near and dear to her heart. ❤️

What is it for you?

Where’s your brain fuzz? What do you love about your business? What drags you down? Where do you feel trapped by massive success that you’re afraid to forfeit?

And what would life look like if you found a way though?

Hop on my calendar if you’d like a short “therapy” 😘 session to talk about what the future could hold for you with the right thought partner in your corner.

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