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Get outta town!

When is the last time you went to an out-of-town event? When is the last time you booked an airplane ticket and hotel room, made arrangements with your spouse and neighbours to ferry the kids around, packed your bags… and… Read more…

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The value of values in selling

As I reflect on what I love so much about being an entrepreneur, I realize that my reasons for choosing business ownership 10 years ago over a job…are the same reasons I have for staying self-employed. That’s because it boils down… Read more…

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15 ways to establish the know, like & trust factor

One thing can make or break your business. And I’m going to surprise you by saying, it’s not “sales.” It’s what leads to sales:  It’s relationships. I call it: Client Chemistry… which sums up the “Know, Like and Trust” factor.

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Sticking out like a bad toupee

Nobody notices a good toupee. Only a bad one. The same goes for salespeople. Bad salespeople are easy to spot.

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Gone with the wind

You know when you’re at a networking event and everyone is asked to give their 30-second introduction? And you know those people who get all windy and drone on for what feels like forever?

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Tourist, visitor or resident?

Before moving to New York, I made regular trips to visit my sister here. First, I was a tourist. Then progressed to being a visitor.  And now I’m a resident. Check out how this relates to sales in your business…… Read more…

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The upside of pigeonholing

Many new business owners I speak with resist “limiting” the definition of who their ideal client is because they don’t want to “pigeonhole” themselves…thinking it’ll limit their opportunities. Quite the opposite is true…

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Seth Godin | Hungry or guarded?

Seth Godin brought up a great point in his blog this week about knowing whether your prospect is “hungry or guarded”. Do YOU know who you’re selling to? Join the first session of Biztruth Bootcamp to learn what your ideal… Read more…

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Planning With Your Calendar: It’s SALES Time!

I love this article…not because she calls me brilliant…but because she finds a way to describe how she’s found a way to make sales work for her.  Thanks, Bryn! Guest post written by Bryn Johnson, Business Strategist Do you… Read more…

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Who pays for your time?

Do you ever find you’ve got so many things to do that you never have time for selling?  And because you don’t have time to sell you don’t have enough clients or the level of revenues you need to keep… Read more…

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