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Know How To Do This – Because You’re Worth It

Have you noticed that the number of digital offers has increased drastically as we head into the holidays?!   I was floored to see that Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale involved unlocking a new offer every 5 minutes. Every. Five. Minutes! […]

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How to Close More Sales In 3 Ridiculously Simple Steps

How to close more sales with your best prospects is one of the biggest conundrum service-based entrepreneurs face. In this video, you’ll learn the three ridiculously simple steps to follow so that you are confident when it’s time to wrap […]

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How To Improve Results By Tracking Your Actions

As entrepreneurs, we hope for great results because we put forth so much effort. And it’s likely you’re always working to improve results. Yet, familiar frustrations are… I’m not meeting enough good prospects at all of the networking events I’m […]

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5 Tips To Make Peace With Your Fear Of Sales

Fear of sales strikes the heart of (and psyche) of even the most talented of entrepreneurs. Paige Wilhide admits she used to be terrified of sales and would run screaming from the room when faced with a sales situation. And […]

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How To Handle A Prospect Who’s Stalling

Overcoming sales objections and stalls is a challenge every service-based entrepreneur faces. And learning how to overcome sales objections adds more clients, more quickly. An entrepreneur asks… “I closed (or thought I closed) a big deal and sent the contract to […]

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Two Ways to Get Past Your Sales Reluctance

Call reluctance can be a real showstopper for entrepreneurs who want more clients, but are scared stiff of initiating sales conversations. It would sure be nice if prospects would pick up the phone and call YOU. And maybe someday, that’ll […]

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Weekly Planning Practice: Sunday CEO

Having a weekly planning practice is an important link between setting your daily activities and reaching your annual goals. In this video, I share the things I focus on during my “Sunday CEO” ritual so that I don’t go barreling off […]

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Three shifts for how to sell without being salesy

Business owners ask me all of the time how to sell without sounding salesy. It’s my favorite question because it’s so straightforward! This video walks you through three simple shifts you can drastically improve your sales results to get more […]

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The ONE THING that holds you back

Having played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses – and guiding thousands more over the years – I’ve seen, heard and done just about everything you can imagine when it comes to entrepreneurs. But there’s ONE THING […]

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It’s yours to lose

I still keep her voice message so I never forget feeling like total crap.  A few year ago, a private client (we’ll call her Linda) called in a panic. We’d recently done a sales strategy VIP session but her sales […]

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