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Courage & Crazy (two qualities every successful entrepreneur has)

I believe it takes courage to start a business — and a bit of crazy to continue. (No darling, you are NOT the only crazy one. Although it may feel that way some days.) Click on the video below to […]

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This is your world…

My all time favorite quote comes from Gary Lew who says,   “This is your world, shape it or someone else will.”  I come back to this reminder whenever I’m less than thrilled with my reality — and wanted to […]

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“Please just tell me what to do to be successful.”

“I just need the step-by-step plan for success.” That’s the plea I made many times over my 15-year career as a business owner. And it led to learning different ways to do launches, sell from the stage, get Facebook leads, shoot […]

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How I Finally Found Freedom In My Business

When I started The Biztruth 7 years ago, I wanted to know exactly what to do in order to have a screamingly successful business. I came from the franchise world where I invested in the promise, “do this and you’ll get that.”  So I […]

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My 3+ Favorite Mindset “Don’ts and Dos”

Do you ever catch yourself in your same old self-defeating patterns? I know I sure don’t!! Not because I don’t have them. It’s because I walk around with a blind eye to my self-sabotaging behaviors — until I get in a room with friends […]

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Why Do Women Earn So Little Money?

Did you know that women business owners earn approximately 45% less than our self-employed male counterparts? (Sigh.) I get agitated reading the analysis of women-owned businesses* because our earnings are a highly distorted reflection of our true value. How can it be possible that… […]

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The Evolution Of An Entrepreneur

As a small business owner, have you ever fallen flat on your face in your business like I have? Maybe a program launch flopped. Or your sales conversations went nowhere? It’s no fun, but it happens to every small business owner. […]

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Something that will make you question what you’ve been taught

March marked my sixth anniversary since I launched The Biztruth.  Those first few years were quite a shock after a relatively cushy and predictable 7 years of owning my franchise! Yes, it’s been quite a ride. And looking back, there […]

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Weekly Planning Practice: Sunday CEO

Having a weekly planning practice is an important link between setting your daily activities and reaching your annual goals. In this video, I share the things I focus on during my “Sunday CEO” ritual so that I don’t go barreling off […]

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Guest Post: Use Your Voice Like An Oscar Winner

Note from Carolyn: One of the things I constantly hear from entrepreneurs is that they want to be viewed as a thought leader. When I work with my clients, I start by asking them what they stand for. This post […]

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