You Can’t Want It If There’s No Way To Get It

If that’s not a Universal Law, it damn well should be. 😘

Problem is, it’s easy to skip that part about deciding to go after it.

People look at me and think I’m so bold and badass and New York-y.

But oh lawdy, if you could see the mental gymnastics that have effed up the floor routine in my head, you’d save it to favorites on your playlist and put it on repeat to make yourself feel better on those days you think you’re the one who’s messed up.

What Dreams Do Inside My Brain ⤵️

Rewind to 1988 when I spent a semester in Mexico and met a woman who splits her time between the US and Mazatlan every year. I thought that sounded pretty cool and decided that someday when I grow up I’ll do a 6+6 every year too.

And then I finished college. Got a shitty job. Then a less shitty job. And gradually got better jobs. Traveled some. Started a business. Then another.

And along the way, I let my 6+6 dream fizzle.

Then a few years ago, after recognizing how much I ❤️ my life in NYC, I revived and revised that goal to spending 3 months overseas.

Which I promptly put back on my Someday List because I got busy hosting events, speaking and living life. Doing all the things except the one thing that I’d been dreaming about since 1988, for god’s sake.

It was never the right time. Besides, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly make it happen. It’s so impractical.

Excuses are the the hell hole where dreams go to die. 🔥🕳

You’re surfing the interwebs, chatting with a friend or thumbing through a magazine and get inspired about a really cool thing that will make you happier, richer, more fulfilled, <insert your wish here> and you think…

“I wish I could do/have/be that. Yeah, maybe someday after <insert logical reason here> happens.”

And then 31 years later, you (meaning me) look back and realize it was up to you to make the Someday happen — but you were too caught up in your own bullshit to recognize it.

It’s never the right time
until you decide it’s

So despite my list of reasons why it’s never a good time to live overseas (like, I need to plant my garden or hey, it’s my gerbil’s birthday) I finally decided it’s time to go — and made plans to spend the month of May in Barcelona.

(Notice I didn’t say it’s a “good” time to go. I said it’s “time” to go.)

Yes, after 31 years, I decided one month — one step — toward my goal is better than no months and no steps.

And who knows, I might find tapas as annoying in Barcelona as I do in the States. Or get tired of repeating, “¿Puede hablar más despacio, por favor? (Translation: Can you speak more slowly, please?) Or miss this guy terribly. 👉🏼

But at least I’m gonna find out. Finally.


In honor of International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month and You — I’m here to remind you that if you have a vision there’s a way to make it happen — no matter how outlandish or unreachable it might seem.

Making history doesn’t mean you need to score a perfect 10 on the mat. It starts with stepping ONTO the mat.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka RBG) didn’t start out on the Supreme Court. She simply started. She started by applying for law school — and hasn’t let anything stop her since — even when she had all the reasons in the world to back off. Her short list of potential excuses include a husband fighting cancer, gender discrimination and raising kids.

Deciding to start is how she’s made history. (History that has a direct, positive impact on our lives as women, btw. Eternal gratitude, RBG. 🙌🏼)

I dare YOU to make history by starting with ONE step toward ONE dream you’ve shelved.

  • Record one conversation with a colleague to get a sense for whether you’ll enjoy hosting a podcast and having your voice heard all over the world
  • Take one spin around the neighborhood to try on that cross country bike ride you’ve been dreaming of since you were 17
  • Spend one hour printing out a few dozen images stashed on your iPhone to imagine how they’ll look in the coffee table book you’ve been envisioning
  • Find one person who will help you lay out how to franchise — or license your intellectual property — so your work spreads beyond what you can possibly deliver yourself
  • Write one sentence or paragraph of the damn book (HINT: starting in the middle takes off the pressure)

Pull out the BIGGEST ONE you’ve got.

And don’t you dare lame out by making your dream about taking your kids to Disney. Sure, that’ll make memories, but it won’t make history. I’m begging you to do both.

Although I’m not sure who, what or how it’ll play out — I have a hunch that history is going to be made because of my decision to take one step toward my long-held dream of living overseas for a stretch. Maybe because that decision inspired me to urge you to follow your dream — and you go onto create large-scale impact like Oprah. 👏

Go make history by deciding it’s time — then start with one step.

The only person you need to get permission from is yourself. Then RBG the shit out of your dare and burn any bullshit 🔥🐃💩 in your way.

And on those days when you think it’s impossible to achieve, remember that it would’ve been impossible to imagine in the first place if it there wasn’t a way to make it happen.


If you want to join me in Barcelona, I’m hosting a “fun size” expansion experience for the woman who’s found her groove and is ready to go for that thing she’s been quietly (or not so quietly 📣) thinking about for long enough. I want you focused on one step at a time, so I’ll be covering things like your lodging, activities and all the tapas you can eat while we’re together… 🍢🍤🍡

It starts with one conversation to explore whether it’s the right direction to move you toward your biggest wish. Get the details by booking a zero-obligation conversation below…

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