An Adventure In Finding The “Cure”

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Two days into our trip last week, my favorite Irishman woke up with clusters of bug bites on his shoulder.

A few days later they had multiplied, looked “angry” and felt achy. The doctor’s diagnosis? Shingles.

That’s when things took an interesting turn.

His cousin said she knows someone who knows someone (who knows someone) who has the “cure.”

In Ireland, people with the “cure” possess special powers and secret potions to heal a variety of ailments—from migraines to eczema to epilepsy—and beyond.

So after a few wrong turns following directions sketched on the back of an envelope, we stepped into the entry of the healer’s home.


He slathered a concoction of butter and who-knows-what-else onto the affected area. Then sent us off with the parting words, “you might feel better by the end of the driveway—or it could be a few weeks from now.”

The truth is that it would’ve been easy for my fella to not  go for the cure.

It was dark, rainy (hello, Ireland)  and he had 127 more relatives to visit before our flight back to NYC the next morning.

But when you want to feel better, you’ll pull out all the stops to make it happen.

That’s not always true in business. 👆🏼

I’ve spent as much time tolerating pains in my business as seeking cures. And I’m not alone in enduring the discomfort of plateaus, boredom or dips.

Sometimes when a solution is right in front of us, we rationalize with, “Let me think about it”   🤔  or “I’m looking at all of my options”  because the uncertainty of the unknown can feel even more uncomfortable than the pain you know.

Hopefully you don’t have shingles.

But if you’ve been around awhile, you do have certain sore spots with your current business model.

It may not feel urgent, but you know you need to pivot in one direction or another to make things more enjoyable. And most likely, more profitable.

After 17 years of coaching entrepreneurs, I have the cure for getting you to your next level when part (or all) of your business has lost its charm.

Just like I did with this presentation coach a few weeks ago…

Nicole Wells | Women Business Owners


[And no, I didn’t tell her to double her prices. We looked at how she could add more value beyond her initial sale so she would stop leaving money on the table and create even happier clients.]

I do what I do because you deserve nothing less than having a business and life you love.

But because so many of us put up with B.S. in our business long after it’s lost its shine, I’ll be hosting a one-day anniversary sale next week so we can cure what’s ailing you. And I’ll be offering it at a “no excuses” price point for my fellow tolerators.

You already know where your pain points are. 

I’ll bring the butter. 

p.s. My fella reported feeling “40% better”  within a couple of days and continues to improve. Thanks for asking. 😘

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