Tina Forsyth has mastered the art of avoidance. So much so that it took me 30 minutes to nail down the specific things she was avoiding in her business. Do I chalk that up to her being a polite, keep-to-herself Canadian? Naaaaaah…

There are so many interesting angles to Tina’s story. And she’s not short of opinions, advice— or humility.

For example, Tina pioneered the Online Business Manager (aka OBM) industry.

INDUSTRY, ya’ll! She pioneered an industry!

So if you have (or have ever heard of) an OBM, you have her to thank for making your life so much easier.

And in our conversation, Tina talks about…

  • how she started an industry
  • why she strayed
  • her fear of having “peaked early”
  • and how she’s come full circle after “trying” to avoid her mission in life

Let’s burn some bullshit!  🔥🐃💩



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