Carolyn Herfurth with Julie Ann Gledhill


How’s this for opposites?! 👇🏼

Despite Julie Ann’s background in science, business and AI — she made a career shift to be an intuitive healer, meditation guide, author and spiritual business coach.

In this episode of ONWARD, Julie Ann talks about the pandemic being a GLOBAL AWAKENING.

In our conversation, Julie Ann shares…

  • How her intuition told her to hop a flight from Singapore (where she’s lived for 20 years) to Australia the same day
  • Why she considers this a global awakening and what the “woo woos” knew long before the rest of us
  • The good and the bad that goes along with this experience
  • Fascinating insight into the science of the Earth’s frequency and what it has to do with all of this
  • How the pandemic is helping us face our innermost fears
  • What past life regression has to do with the coronavirus
  • The similarity between a personal awakening and this global awakening
  • Props for how the Singapore government has managed communication and safety
  • And a calming meditation to close out the conversation (you’ll want to go back to this more than once)

You can learn more about Julie Ann at the links below…

The 444 Code
21 Day Abundant Alignment

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