Carolyn Herfurth with Patty Lennon


Patty Lennon is a former Type A Corporate Banker turned intuitive coach who brings an entertaining  combo of common sense, brain science and dash of magic to the topic of RECEIVING  😘

In our conversation, Patty shares…

  • Her initial emotion when the gravity of the pandemic hit her (you might be surprised!)
  • The message Coronavirus has for us — and how it will become a non-threat to humanity (wow, oh wow)
  • Why and how she modified her marketing strategy, but didn’t scrap her launch for The Receiving School that begins April 6
  • What she’s hearing from her ideal client audience right now and how she’s meeting them where they are
  • The step you’re missing to receiving intuition, love, support and money
  • How to quickly dissolve negatives emotions — without bypassing them
  • Her advice for business owners who think NOBODY IS BUYING right now
  • What keeps a pity party going — and how to bring it to a close

You can learn more about Patty and The Receiving School below…

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