The conversation with Nika Stewart took an unexpected turn by becoming a coaching session* — and it was quite revelatory!

As co-founder and CEO of Ghost Tweeting, Nika Stewart is a recognized social media trailblazer and national speaker who’s been at the forefront of digital marketing for the last decade. She’s a business celebrity in her own right.

“The best of me is not all there is. So I’m afraid to fail because I’m supposed to be only the best.”

Howevaaaaaa… she had some bullshit to burn around interacting with other so-called business celebrities who appear to be at a different “level” than Nika.

In this conversation you’ll learn…

  • How social media portraying the “best of her” affects how she feels 
  • The stories she tells herself when she’s buried in her bullshit
  • Situations that make her behave like a giggling (note: not sulky) teenage girl
  • Why she cares what “business celebrities” think of her
  • Alternative actions she’ll take in the future when her trigger situations come up
  • How her BS stems from her “Mean Girls” experiences in high school
  • And the $10,000 video that will change Nika’s life for the better

As a practice, Nika doesn’t swear. Yet she agreed to join me on this podcast to talk about her bullsh*t. So be sure to crank up the sound and pay close attention to her rare use of a curse word — because the BS won’t burn itself, Girlfriend!



Ghost Tweeting

The $10,000 Video I Promised To Make For Nika

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* Got some bullsh*t you want to burn? Please drop us a note if you want to apply for a free coaching slot on a future episode.

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