What stories do you tell yourself every day? Do you imagine you would be more successful in your business. Find your true love. Or be all around happier if only you could just lose those ten pounds. Or if you were just a little bit smarter?

Our feelings of unworthiness are a core fear that many of us struggle with. But breaking through that bullshit can radically alter our lives. Even causing us to reinvent an already successful business.

I first saw Laurie Davis Edwards 8 years ago when she was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. She offered an innovative service of writing online dating profiles for singles — a service that I thought I might be in need of someday.

Sure enough, I hired her when I moved to NYC.

And a year later, she hired me as her business coach.

Recently, she has reinvented her business in ways that neither of us would have imagined so many years ago when we met.

Laurie found that her business no longer served her. She was working a million hours, spending more time managing her staff than having the joy of being in her business, and it was no longer working for her.

The idea of reinventing my business felt like there was something wrong with me.

In this episode, Laurie shares:

  • What signs she saw in herself and her clients that it was time for a business change
  • How she reinvented her entire business in one week
  • How she found a new identity in starting a new business
  • The deep feelings of insecurity that she needed to let go of to build a new identity
  • How to identify the stories you tell yourself that aren’t true through your language and beliefs
  • An exercise you can do to reframe what you tell yourself

Ready to rev up your reinvention and burn those feelings of unworthiness? Pop in some earbuds and get comfy being uncomfortable.

That bullshit’s not going to burn itself.



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