We’ve all found ourselves staying in situations that aren’t right for us. These situations often bring us very real pain. Whether it’s a business, a business partnership, or even a personal relationship, we somehow must burn through our bullshit to give ourselves permission to make the choices we need to make.

I first met Beth Grant seven years ago. At the time, I was feeling very low in my business and she helped me reframe a situation that was very difficult for me. Not only is Beth a brilliant marketer but is also a writer, artist, performer, and all around creative. She’s a trailblazer in ethical marketing and her Alignment Grid has been called the holy grail of marketing.

Even with all the success Beth has had, she found herself burdened by a secret within her business. In Beth’s words, she was spending her days “making the salad”. She was doing what she was good at, she was good at teaching her message and empowering people but felt her creativity was starving. Beth was not allowing herself to make the choices she knew she had to make.

The painful part was watching my dreams wither as I pursued something that other people felt very invested in with me.

In this episode, Beth shares:

  • What it means to “make the salad”
  • How to stop the cycle of “making the salad” in your business
  • Ways you can use all your talents to keep yourself and your business authentic
  • The pain points of knowing you’re not in the right situation and how to work yourself out of them

If you are staying in a situation that you know is not right for you, if you are watching your passions wither for other pursuits and if you need to give yourself permission to make the choices that are available to you, Beth’s message of hope is one you need to hear. Find your coziest socks, pop in some earbuds, and dive right in. The bullshit’s not going to burn itself.



Beth Grant

Truth and Consciousness

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