My conversation with Angela Jia Kim came at a pivotal point in her entrepreneurial journey. It was the day she had let go of one of her 10-year ventures to expand and further scale her other business lines.

Angela is a former concert pianist who created a mastermind community, called Savor The Success, to support her growth after developing a line of skincare products. She didn’t know anything about growing a business and wanted to surround herself with other women who did. Fast forward to today — and those lotions, potions and creams have evolved into owning three spas and a payroll of over 1 million dollars.

As I grew as a businesswoman, my needs grew too. What I did one year previously, no longer served me.

How do you know when it’s the right time to move on from your successful business?

One way is knowing that when your business stops being a challenge. Or fueling you.

And reconciling it within yourself can be hugely difficult.

We often feel we don’t want to disappoint anyone or damage any relationships — and that keeps us doing work that no longer serves us.

By the end of our conversation, there were so many blocks we discussed that Angela has busted through over the years — that I struggled to label this conversation. From seeking approval. To people pleasing. To letting go.

But the root cause to all of this? Trying to do it all.

If you find yourself wanting to do more than your share. Wanting to maintain relationships. And not letting yourself go through the inevitable reinvention, pop in some earbuds and turn up Angela’s words of wisdom. That bullshit’s not going to burn itself.




Angela Jia Kim 

Savor Spa

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