Donna Cravotta evolved from being “just a secretary” to becoming CEO and Founder of Social Pivot PR. A ginormous leap considering the fact that she had no idea what she was doing when she first launched her business in 2006.

In our conversation, Donna talks about…

  • how a blue-eyeshadowed secretary with a cigarette dangling from her lips took Donna under her wing — and how the most unlikely characters can have such a big impact on where you land
  • how she evolved from her first days of having no idea what she was doing when she started her business, to her first $30,000 day
  • the most important business skill you can have — and the role it plays in growing your business
  • the difference between work and fun

Donna is no BS and tells it like it is. She’s not someone who will lead you down a funnel or tie you up in digital advertising,. Instead she helps you find where your tribe is online and teaches you how to connect with them by owning your voice, creating smart content, and using social media as the vehicle to carry your brand story across the platforms.

This Brooklyn-born woman has some really great stories to share, so get ready to burn some bullshit!  🔥🐃💩



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