Tamiko Kelly grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. But because they grew up in a different generation, her mother and grandmother had very different views of what people of color could and couldn’t do in business.

Tamiko didn’t realize how much their stories affected how she did business — until one day she finally thought to ask herself, “is this their story or my story?”

I didn’t even realize I was telling myself the story.
That’s the power that stories hold.
They can be sneaky.

Tamiko is the founder of Sleep Well. Wake Happy and the creator of The Feel Like Yourself Again Baby Sleep Solution. She’s an international speaker who has shared the stage with Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Block and Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1 Couple’s Therapy. Her sleep advice has been featured on Yahoo Finance,, and she has appeared as a guest expert on Austin’s ABC Affiliate TV Show, Studio 512.

In our conversation, Tamiko talks about…

  • The story she learned that held her back from charging for the transformation she delivers
  • How she got past her self-doubt related to her credibility in the parenting space
  • How she woke up to the “gift of discernment” after being disappointed by friends
  • How she handles haters

Let’s burn some bullshit!  🔥🐃💩


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