The value you bring to the table

When a private client called me last week to discuss a potential collaboration, I was surprised when she pointed out one of my blind spots (in her very kind, lovely Canadian way.)

Alana hired me 8 years ago to rethink her speakers bureau business.

At the time, her relationship status with her business was set to: “how serious am I really?”

We did tons of ideation and we looked at all sorts of things in her business: her value, her current business model, her clients, her offers, what she charged, ways to market her business, what she stood for and believed in, what the possibilities for future offers might be, the opportunities and possible obstacles that could come along with doing things a new way. We looked at things she’d tried and that she thought were failures and we found positives that she could draw on.

I served as a mirror and showed her where she lit up, what got her excited and all the possibilities she couldn’t see herself.

As a result of our work together, she tripled her sales.

But it all started with a reminder of who the hell she was and the value she brings to the table.

So when Alana found out I have a training that helps women do this on their own, she asked why I haven’t mentioned it in any of my communication with you, .

Especially now during a shakeup that’s allowing us to consider what we’ve done — and how that can help others as we move forward.

After considerable shuffling and umming, I didn’t have a good answer for her.

It was in my blind spot.

Thanks to Alana, it’s my better-late-than-never chance to remind you, especially if things have slowed down a bit, how damn awesome you are. And that there are people looking for something that might be in your blindspot.

Because maybe you’ve forgotten the amazing things you’ve accomplished and become blind to your own genius.

So let me remind you that you DO have your reputation on your side. Experience.  And street cred.

This is your chance to dip into your deep well of intellectual capital, reshape it and lead on a new level.

And it all starts with getting clear about what makes you unshakably you.

Take stock of all of your assets. All the skills, experience, and value you’ve developed over the years have led to serving in this moment.

Because now is the time to rethink what you can offer the world we’re becoming…. so you make the greatest impact as we moving forward.

And that’s where UNSHAKABLE™ comes in.

Unshakable is the training trifecta of mindset + strategy + tactics for women business owners motivated to command and receive the price they deserve when creating and  selling their services.

What the world needs is changing. So having a bedrock understanding of what, exactly, your value is in the marketplace; clearly and convincingly articulating it to potential clients; and owning your worth in every nook and cranny of your business is the first step to delivering what the world wants.

Reconnect with the real-world, right-now value YOU offer.

p.s. Forgotten how amazing you are? Let’s get clear about what makes you unshakably you.

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