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Only 12% of trainers, coaches, speakers and consultants will ever reach $100,000 in revenue. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the average earnings of a self-employed woman are approximately 55% less than their self-employed male counterparts. These bleak statistics… Read more…

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Good riddance, P.I.M.P.S!

We’ve spent the past four weeks walking through the various culprits that contribute to why you don’t get all pumped up about the most important lifeline of your business… selling. Today we address the fifth reason and walk through a… Read more…

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Who are you to say?

There’s a certain vulnerability that goes with selling your “self”. Believe me on this one. Not only was I was the poster child for this phenomena when I started my first business, I’ve witnessed this behavior in virtually every client… Read more…

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Ever been tricked, cornered or cajoled?

Have you ever been “tricked” into buying something that you didn’t want or need? If so, you’ll relate to today’s video about PIMPS Culprit #3. I share how those experiences factor into your relationship with selling and what an insidious… Read more…

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Doing sales feel like you’re in the Boiler Room?

There are five reasons entrepreneurs don’t jump out of bed each morning EXCITED to get out there and sell their services. The reason it’s so important for you to understand these five culprits is because sales are the lifeblood of… Read more…

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5 Reasons You Resist Selling

If you dread, avoid, and/or completely resist selling – there’s a reason behind it. Five potential reasons, actually. These culprits are so pervasive with the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve dealt with over the past decade that I put together this… Read more…

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Get MORE Clients & Cash! Insider Secrets to Confident Sales Conversations that Close

Find out the invisible reasons that entrepreneurs don’t like to sell and the 5 steps you can take to get past those blocks, get more clients, and actually enjoy doing it!

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How to sell, naturally

Everyone is talking about Hurricane Sandy and it got me to thinking… There are some entrepreneurs who sell like a hurricane. They are singularly focused on their own direction and goals. They have no regard or respect for who or… Read more…

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How to manipulate & exploit others in 5 easy steps

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s at the end of your rope and you’re exhausted because you’ve invested massive amounts of money in programs – but all you have to show for it are maxed out credit cards and an empty… Read more…

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How to close

One of the reasons entrepreneurs feel so uncomfortable talking about their fees and asking for the business is because they have NOT asked questions that put them in a position to EARN the ask.

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