Doing It Even When It’s Not Easy

Walter Carr is my new poster child for doing it — even when it’s not easy.

He walked 20 miles to get to the first day on his new job because his car had broken down and he couldn’t find any other way to get to work.

Would YOU walk 20 miles?

I’m not so sure I would.

Not before Walter, anyway.

Because it’s easier to talk yourself out of it than into it.

Easier to stay home than go out. Easier to stay in your comfort zone than try something new. Easier to shy away from the dream (because you might f*ck it up) than go for it.

Easier to think about it than invest in it. Easier to do it yourself than pay a VA. Easier to perfect it than publish it.

Easier to wait for the right time than do it now. Easier to turn on the TV than do the work. Easier to not finish than follow through.

Easier to say no than yes.

Way easier.

One of the many things I love about living in NYC is that I get to meet up with so many adventurers who laugh in the face of “easier.”

This week, I got to meet one of my accelerator grads who visited for a long weekend, traipsed around in near 100 degree humid temps and capped it off at the Billy Joel concert.

Would’ve been easier to listen to Billy on iTunes.

She chose #noteasier.

I also met another fellow business owner who recently walked away from the bread and butter of her business that’s made her a great living for years.

Would’ve been easier to stick with the predictable cash flow than jump into the unknown.

She chose #noteasier.

Then there’s my client, Barbara who committed to doing a Facebook Live every weekday through the end of August.

She did Day 1 without hesitation. Yay!

On Day 2, she had difficulty fixing some tech glitches so she was going to skip it. But she went ahead with it anyway and changed her topic to talk about challenges. What a great pivot!

Would’ve been easier to put it off to another day than show up for all the world to see a digitized version of her.

She chose #noteasier.

Even when I hosted lunch for a group of business girlfriends, several traveled up to 2.5 hours to get here.

Would’ve been easier to stay home instead of traveling to the Upper West Side of Manhattan — because frankly, my grilled chicken salad isn’t anything special. (Thankfully @ChefCarla’s toppings are!)

They chose #noteasier.

And then there’s Walter.

He chose a motherlode of #noteasier.

Here’s the heartbreaker…

I hear from women all the time who express regret (or at least recognition) for putting off decisions. Putting off taking action. Putting off the dream.


Thinking it’s easier.

But sadly, most of us don’t realize that staying in the “easier zone” ultimately isn’t all that easy.

Until it’s too late.

You’ve got something fabulous to offer.

And you don’t have to walk 20 miles. Alone. In the dark.

But you can take one step.

Don’t let “easier” stop you.

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