Bro’ Dictionary (for the curious, confused and/or uninitiated)

An incomplete, un-alphabetized and entirely irreverent Wikibro* about Bro’ business behavior.


plural Bros /brōhz/
also known as “bruh” /brə/
1. a person of any gender identification whose primary motivation is to yield the most money from the most people in the shortest amount of time possible
2. brags about Teslas, Rolls Royces, exotic vacations, *list* size and 7-figure launches
3. can be found in “secret hideaways” masterminding with other bros
4. regularly references the “red pill / blue pill” plot point from The Matrix movie in their sales and marketing

Hey, Bro’. I’ll see you at the 20-figure MasterMind meeting in Bora Bora next week, right?

Bro’ Marketing

/brō märkədiNG/
1. masculine approach to marketing that manipulates human psychological triggers to compel a desired action (usually a purchase)
2. uses false scarcity, short deadlines, overinflated promises, complicated funnels, blueprints and constant cycle of launches
3. created by men for men, but also used by women who disguise their Bro’ Marketing tactics with feminine touches such as pink “flat lay” images and glittery, metallic flourishes
4. so pervasive it’s widely thought of as “marketing”

Her audience felt disconnected from her bro’ marketing campaign so it totally bombed.


1. when you’ve been a target of Bro’ Marketing tactics

I got bro’d by that douchebag AGAIN! When will I ever learn?!


1. any behavior or offer that feels manipulative
2. heavy use of persuasion, influence and manipulation

What is Bro Marketing?Ewwww.  That’s an overdose of bro-y moves. Your people won’t like that. 👆🏼

Braux Pas

/brō ˈpä/
1. a tactless, awkward, uncool move made by a Bro’ in a business situation

Can you believe he said, “Bros before hos” three times? That’s one braux pas after another!


/brō ˈman sing/
1. the backslapping, high-fiving and adulation that Bros shower upon one other in order to secure affiliates for their own upcoming launches

Bro! Way to crush your launch. Your list is up to 350k? Hey, I’ve got a launch coming up… let’s take a ride in my Tesla and talk about you making some more money.


1. the cringe-worthy way Bros pitch their products and services
2. when done online, the pitch includes selfies riding a camel, videos shot in their self-driving Tesla and/or walking on a runway toward a private jet (hair whipping in the wind)

Can you believe his bro’pproach to pitching his book? He pulled down his pants and ran into a public fountain! (Yes, I’ve seen this done!!)


1. Single-line, single-paragraph elongated self-help posts that look like poems (aka Broems, obvi)
2. Go-to social media post format for marketing Bro’s designed to suck readers in with semi-inspirational grabbers


The Braggy Bro’

One of my F A V O R I T E marketers, Rachael Kay Albers shows us a Bro’ Marketer in one of her Awkward Marketing videos below…

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