Marketing Doesn’t Work For Women Like Us

Bro Marketing™ is what most businesses have been doing since the dawn of online marketing. So much so that it’s widely thought of as just… marketing.


Unfortunately, at its core, Bro’ Marketing™ primarily uses manipulative tactics to get you to buy or do something that you wouldn’t, otherwise. They pull all sorts of Jedi mind tricks without you knowing it’s even happening.

It was created by men, for men. And there are loads of books, blueprints and courses that teach how to “persuade” and “influence” people to buy your stuff.

And it works for and ON a lot of people. (There’s no doubt I did NOT need the hands-free toothbrush that’s sitting in my medicine cabinet.)


It goes against the integrity and sensibility of women when we attempt to implement the bro’ tactics for our own businesses. Because they’re so, well, bro-y.


It’s tedious and tiring.

So it rarely works for the marketer (you) when there’s that disconnect — or misalignment.


It doesn’t stop us from trying it.

Who hasn’t taken a “how to get rich on Instagram” course? Gone through the effort of a 5-part video launch? Or delivered a webinar that flopped?


Or something like it?

I sure have tried it all!


We’ll probably keep trying. And keep banging our head against the proverbial wall. Hoping (and 🙏🏼) that something finally works so we’ll hit that big windfall we dream of.

But remember that just like Vegas, they’ll let some lucky soul win every now and then. But over time, the House always wins.

I’ll never forget doing a 5-part video launch formula for my sales training program about 6 years ago.

Prior to that, I’d done several $25,000 launches with minimal effort — and I bought into the promise that if I followed this exact formula that works for the fellas — I too, would enjoy the fruits of a 6-figure launch!

So I hired a video team, outlined the launch strategy, wrote loads of scripts and email sequences — and was really proud of my content.


Even though I got terrific feedback on the videos, I haaaaaaated so much of the process and how it made me feel. (Just look at my expressions! ⬆ 😫)

It was like going on 47 dates with someone you don’t like, but sticking it out to be polite.


It didn’t 10x, or even 5x my sales from those earlier, easier, less expensive marketing campaigns.

In fact (hold onto your hairnet!), I only 1x’d my sales.

That’s right. I did $25k. Again.

The same as all of my previous launches that were soooooooo much easier and cost a lot less. 💸💸💸💸💸

Despite the fact that I did everything by the book (aka “6-figure formula”, in that case.)

So after years of frustration of this cycle, I finally burned the bullsh*t of doing bro’ marketing “launches” and started finding ways that work better for me.


I know I’m not alone in my disdain.

A huge chunk of my friends, clients and colleagues are trying to extricate themselves from the constant cycle of funnels, launches, countdown timers, overinflated promises, and other hallmarks of the bro’ marketing machine.

To be more human in our marketing.

(Except for the woman I talk about in the video below *insert eye roll here*…)

So if you’ve come to the conclusion that bro’ marketing isn’t YOUR thang, the question becomes, “how do you appeal to more of your potential clients?”


Although that question may intimidate the timid business owner, it’s where the fun lies for those who are ready to burn your business bra, throw blueprints out the window and finally learn to trust yourself.

It’s time to “consciously uncouple” from the marketing tactics made by bros, she-bros (oh yes, some women bro’ too!) — and trans-bros, too.

And that doesn’t come in slick packaging, silver bullets or magic formulas.

It comes from within you.

And if you’re ready to say “no to bro” and burn the bullsh*t to fire up your business — but not sure where to start — click below for a special, non-bro’ session we’re offering in September to help you with exactly that! 🔥🐃💩

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