Why Giving Up Right Now Is A Bad Idea

Maybe you’re questioning if you’ll EVER gain the fame and fortune of your business heroines. And sure, things may feel messy or bleak or slow moving. But it’s not a good idea to quit—even if it looks that way.

Even if we’ve never met, I’ve worked with enough women to know what you do creates a positive ripple effectregardless of the specific service you deliver.

We need you and your particular brand of quirk and crazy and courage—because your voice and actions create value for others. 

So you’ve got to stick around and keep doing that for your fellow humans.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut (insert long pause here)

You might be so effing tired from pouring your heart into trying to improve the wellbeing of others—that you’ve sacrificed your OWN wellbeing.

So it might feel easier to give up on the business altogether.

But you don’t want to. And your fans don’t want you to. And I, certainly don’t want you to.

Because I’ve been there.

Five years ago, I was one soul searing step from admitting defeat and calling it quits in my business.

Sure, I’d tasted occasional wins in my business.

But no matter how hard I worked, what I tried or how many people said they liked me—the money wasn’t adding up consistently enough.

After a particularly epic “ugly crying” jag (it still chokes me up when I think back to it), I didn’t see any other options. So I swallowed my pride and decided to explore a few of the sales jobs that were being floated by my fellow business owners.

I had one small, but important commitment for a pilot program I was starting. Frankly, I wanted  to honor it mainly because I didn’t want to issue refunds. And I knew I could schedule around it.

And since I’m here 5 years later—you might have already guessed that my pilot program ended up being the thing that saved my business.

It’s also significantly changed the game for hundreds of other women business owners.

The irony isn’t lost on me that what I created for them—is exactly what I needed to apply to my own business. Sigh. #cobblerskids

It’s so obvious now. But I got there the hardest way possible. And because of all the thrashing I’ve done, you don’t have to slog it out any longer.

And that’s why giving up right now is a bad idea. Because you’re so close…

Let’s look at the source. Maybe you can relate to how I got there…

When I started my coaching business, I hired mentors who spoon fed me a bunch of tactics.

Create a free offer.

Host a telesummit and sell the recordings. (Am I dating myself?! Haha.)

Then host another one.

Offer a group training program.

Video blog every week.

Build your social media following.

Host a webinar.

Do this.

Now go do that.

And so on.

It kept me busy—but the problem is that it didn’t generate enough money to pay for real things—like rent—and stuff…

Because there was no real rhyme or reason driving an overall strategy.

It was like adding spaghetti sauce and grapefruit juice into a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. It didn’t mix well.

Unless you’re a 6-year old boy. Or Elf.


And it certainly didn’t empower me to think for myself, even though I thought I was because I was creating so much stuff.

But a problem with how many business coaches operate is they advise on one area—without painting the bigger picture of the interconnecting parts. Not necessarily because they’re holding back. They just don’t know any better.

And that’s why most entrepreneurs fumble around until they become downright paralyzed trying to wade through the million and one things that you *could* do, but aren’t sure if you *should* do.

But YOU need to know better.

And when you don’t, it’s you who shuts down and becomes the next one sitting in her living room “ugly crying” because you need rent money. Or a good night’s sleep. Or both.

But what you really want is to go on a vacation with your family without feeling weighed down by it.

For awhile now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to boil down what I teach in the program I started 5 years ago—to make it accessible to more business owners.

Thanks to my amazing team—I finally landed on a format that I hope works for you. And for the time being—it’s on the house.

It’s a 5-part quickie course that walks you through the exact steps to make <reliable> moola in your business.

And it helps you understand *why this goes here* and *that goes over there*.

Which may not seem like a big deal until you do it and see what a difference it makes to your entire approach to making business decisions that deliver you the goals you set.

I swear on a stack of barbells this will make your business stronger.

And you can apply this strategy over and over and over again—for every single service you offer. No matter what you sell, how you want to deliver it or what form it takes.

It’s ideal for the smart (but possibly overwhelmed, panicked &/or burned out) service-based business woman who wants better results *like yesterday*—and appreciates the kindness of a stranger. *Yes indeed, I admit I’m strange.”

Go ahead and click this link and your first lesson will land in your inbox so you can get going within the next few minutes.

In the words of that badass, Pink…



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