“I hate the marketing”

Over cocktails in the lobby bar of the fancy schmancy Beekman Hotel, one of my favorite coaches admitted to me that he hates marketing.

I nearly spit out my Manhattan.

Of all the people I’ve heard saying this over the years… he’s the LAST person I would’ve expected it from.

I’ve traveled out of state to not just one, but two, of his multi-day workshops and hired him for private coaching over the past 8 years.

He’s someone I’ve always looked up to. He’s amazing at his craft.

And he’s always made marketing look effortless.

But as we continued to down more truth serum (aka order more drinks), the truth came out.

It’s constant… you make commitments, the funnels, the launches, the build up… you have to write a lot of emails, you have to be on social… it’s a constant thing, like something you need to babysit…”

Marketing can be all-consuming.

The real shocker? He doesn’t even do it anymore.

Turns out, he got involved in a different business that doesn’t rely on the constant ups and downs that go along with online marketing. These days, he’s opting for another business because he his wife didn’t like the financial highs and lows…

And even though I almost spewed my drink, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Some of the people we look to aren’t making the dollars we think they are.

The people we think have it all together… don’t.

(Heck, I’ve even been one of those people at certain points in my business.)

And if you have marketing figured out, it’ll change tomorrow.

(That’s if you’re doing the whole “tactic of the day” style marketing, anyway.) 

So the thing you can do is be solid on the basics and know that at some point you’ll have to pivot. And if that means throwing in the towel on internet marketing for awhile (or for good)… that’s okay too. Not judging.

A lot of people — once they see what it takes — decide it’s not worth the effort. The constant pushing, the constant launching to get programs filled…

That’s why I opted out of launches a couple of years ago.

No launches. No webinars. I refuse.**

And that’s why I’m not doing this push push scarcity thing for my 2020 business design workshops. Here’s the calendar for the year. Wanna come? Great! No? Okay.  

That whole “scarcity effect” we’re taught to create when doing launch-y online marketing things? 


Looking back, I realize that all the times I used it — even if it “worked” — it mostly just infused ME with a sense of scarcity and worry.

Oh lordy. What a relief that feeling’s gone. And the perfect clients show up.


** “No webinars” / “no launches” doesn’t mean I don’t make offers. 😘

After all, no offers = no business! But these days I go about it in a way that feels more human… and connecting… for me and my perfect peeps.

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