You’re the one that I want

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Between playing games of Pong on Atari and chasing boys around the playground, I was obsessed with watching Grease as a kid.

I loved the makeover story lines… Beauty School Dropout… Greased Lightning… and of course the epic finale showcasing ‘cool Sandy’ as she and Danny chirped, “you’re the one that I want…” 🎵

Grease | You're The One That I Want

Speaking of makeovers…

I broke bread (Dunkin Donuts, specifically) with a fellow business owner last week.

She’s motivated to create a new passive revenue stream — while her team continues to wow her hands on, high paying clients.

So she decided to start a low-cost, monthly membership program that supplies fill-in-the-blank marketing templates. Kinda like MadLibs for marketing.

(Which is suuuuuuuuper valuable for the time-crunched, tongue-tied business owner who needs visibility, but doesn’t have the budget to hire her premium priced marketing agency… yet.)

But as she explained the value proposition and price point… the business model geek in me immediately saw the potential for frustration and disappointment based on her vision.

(TBH, I also pictured the ginormous piles of Benjamins she’d miss out on by going with a straight-up membership offer.  😫)

Her offer idea had good bones, but was definitely a candidate for a makeover.

In less than 30 minutes, we performed a mini-makeover on her offer that’ll make her perfect peeps say, “you’re the one that I want!”

We did that by changing up how it’ll be packaged and priced.
We goosed the value proposition.
And even discussed potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Putting her in a position to earn multiples more than her original plan.

Damn, that felt so good I almost smoked a cigarette** to celebrate.

** But don’t smoke, kids. 1978 was a different time.

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