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As a strategic thought partner and business coach, I’ve spent a LOT of quality time with kickass women business owners during my 17 years in the game — (anniversary October 28!) — and much of what we discuss is no surprise. Especially lately.

We’re on the same page about our disdain for bro’ marketing and launches.

And the word moist (still 😂).

We also share a desire for meaningful work and continued growth.

But there’s one business strategy that’s — (surprise!) — totally falling out of favor with some of the more successful women I know.

They’re pivoting away from it, even though it’s the one thing that every VC is looking for.

It’s the thing that promises to “make you money while you sleep.”

It’s the thing all the business coaches out there tell you to do.

Can you guess what it is?


We’ve been told to scale, scale, scale!

Scale no matter what! Scale as soon as you can!! And if your business isn’t scalable, it’s going to die, and also you don’t count as a real business owner, rahhhhh!!!

<crushes beer can into forehead>

Create “it” and then sit back while the money rolls in. 💵

“It” could be a product. An evergreen program. Membership. Mastermind. Or any other number of ways to leverage your time and expense.

(So if you guessed “make a course,” then yup, that’s what we’re talking about.)

But here’s the thing:

If you’re FOMOing or feeling like you “should”  be scaling, cut yourself some slack.

Putting a program on autopilot in order to scale isn’t for everyone.

Because the whole “lying on the beach while the money rolls in”  part of this fantasy is just that:

A fantasy.

It’s a lie for most small business owners like us.

Because you need to create and conceive of the offer. Set up, monitor and tweak your systems. Then it’s time to set up, monitor and tweak your marketing to keep the message fresh, the funnels working and the ads performing.


That’s why plenty of the cool kids aren’t doing it anymore.

They’ve come to realize there’s more than one way to earn more money.

Don’t get me wrong. Scaling isn’t bad — especially when you do it for the right reasons. But there’s no need to scale for the sake of scaling.

Most of the time, earning more money or freeing up more time is simply a matter of getting creative and getting clear about the parts of business you enjoy most.

And if “what you enjoy most” changes over time?


(Kidding. That’s bullshit.)

Because change is totally natural, human, and expected…

You simply burn the bullshit that’s not working for you anymore.

And then pivot to what does. 😉

If you know you’re leaving money on the table… you’re bored with what you’re doing… you’re jonesing to create a new offer without giving up what’s already working… OR if you just have fifteen zillion ideas and you need a solid strategy to pursue one…

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