Creating An XO Economy


Women business owners are starting to reject the status quo (and yes, masculine AF) systems for building business.

Because it’s time to step away from the norm and build our businesses OUR way.

In a way that feels good and true and honest.

Actually making the world a better place — for REAL.

And not compromising our ideals to justify hammering people into buying things they don’t need right now.

Our way is built around possibilities.

It’s about taking action. And experimentation. And trusting ourselves so fully and completely, that second-guessing becomes a thing of the past.

It’s about creating a world where women business owners thrive and make great money by bringing meaningful value to the people they serve.

Welcome to the XO Economy™.

WHERE WE UNDERSTAND the difference between fear and intuition.

We don’t write off our instincts. Or wave away our hesitations.

But we don’t let fear keep us playing small, either.

In fact, we invite fear to lunch (usually over tacos.) Take a breath. And lovingly bid it “adios“.

WE TRUST our instincts.

Because we know that those instincts feed into the value we bring to our customers.

And the world.

WE BELIEVE in intentional action.

Not panic decisions.

We experiment.

Then detach from the outcome because it leaves room for magic and surprises.

The good kind of surprises.


Oh, do we laugh.

And that’s how we know we’re on the right track.

Because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point of doing it?

So what does it look like when you’re contributing to the XO Economy™?

Having the courage to admit that what worked yesterday isn’t working today. Being reminded of your value. And then not missing a beat by booking 3 primo clients in the early days of the pandemic… including an ER doctor. (That’s some inspiring XO!)

Recognizing you’re not feeling very motivated anymore. Taking time to reimagine the way you’ve offered your services in the past. Then booking $180,000 of your new thing within 30 days of that decision.

Finally befriending the fear to pursue that crazy idea of yours that just won’t STF — and cracking $1.1M in sales.

(yes, these are real clients 👆🏼)

And this, my friend, is what it looks like to create an XO Economy™.

Interested in joining us? Let’s talk!

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