Doing Business In A World Created By Men (For Men)

Carolyn Herfurth | Business Coach for Women
Have you ever noticed the times you’ve tried to shimmy yourself into doing business in a way that feels… not quite right?

(This goes beyond “thinking” something is wrong.)

But you can’t put your finger on what feels wrong.

I mean, what’s so wrong with…

⏳ using a countdown timer

💻 offering a webinar

📧 or emailing your list a few (dozen) more times than you’re comfy with?

They’re the same tactics we see those successful marketers use… so why doesn’t it work for everybody?

Here’s why…

It’s because we’re doing business in what I refer to as the XY Economy™.

The XY Economy™ is a machine of masculine behaviors and beliefs that informs everything about how we run our businesses. Especially our marketing tactics.

And it’s created by men, for men.

Think 👉🏼 Hustling, 10xing things, forceful, aggressive, transactional, 6-7 figure promises…

And yes… many of the female influencers and thought leaders we admire use this masculine approach, too.

But the XY Economy™ keeps you in the dark about the bigger, holistic framework that’s required to truly rock your business.

And that’s why some of those tactics (funnels, scarcity, fear, shame, guilt…) feel sh*tty to you.

If it doesn’t feeeeeeel good, don’t do it.

Instead, find something that does feel good. And give yourself permission to do more of that.

And if you like the idea of a strategic thought partner to help you, hit me up to explore ways I can help you find your way!

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