Take a close look at the flower above…

I spotted this Shasta daisy at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and became totally smitten with it. It’s like some sort of mutant. The stalk is 5x as thick as normal. The center wraps around, instead of being dead center. And the petals are all crazy looking — sticking out in all directions.

And I love it. Adore it. Totally smitten.

I adore it because it’s so unusual. It doesn’t “fit in” with all of the other flowers on the plant. It would’ve been easy for me to judge and think something was wrong with it and not buy it. But I couldn’t resist. And I have barely been able to take my eyes off it since I brought it home.

Much like we think we’ve got something to hide that doesn’t fit it with what the rest of the world expects from us.

It’s actually what I have so much fun spotting with my clients. Those curious things that make them not blend in. I’ve been focusing on with a few clients recently who are really owning the things that make them stand out from others in their field. One of them is negotiating a multi-million dollar deal because of their uniqueness. (WARNING: My Mama Bear comes out with a heaping dose of ferocious love during these periods. I will NOT let you back down from your center.) 

What we try so hard to hide, is what makes us stand out.

So own it. Embrace all of your strangeness. And remember your center.

And trust that there will be people who will be equally as smitten with your “flaws” as I am with this one-of-a-kind daisy.


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