Breaking Free From The Safety Of Sameness

[Welcome to the first of 4 articles inspired by living and working in Barcelona / May 2019]

You have more in common with “the greats” than you might suspect.

Pablo Picasso reinvented art after he’d been “arting” for about 20 years.

The “Guernica”, Pablo Picasso’s most famous painting

Joan Miró experimented with many different artistic styles rather than attach himself to one single movement — ultimately reinventing the way conventional art was done.

‘Woman and Bird’ (Dona i Ocell, in Catalan), created by Joan Miro, Barcelona, Spain

Antoni Gaudí reinvented architecture by changing up his designs from traditional straight lines to creating organic shapes inspired by nature.

Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain

They didn’t toss out the “artist” or “architect” labels. Or change who they were as humans. But they each felt moved to pursue what felt more true.

Each one pivoted away from how he’d been doing it —
and from how it was being done by others —
to a way that was a more fulfilling expression of his message and movement.

Although not everyone may appreciate each man’s reimagined art form, we can all admire what it took for them to have the cajones to depart from the expected to forge something new.

Because breaking free from the safety of sameness takes guts.
Offering something unproven takes guts.
Freedom takes guts.


Every great entrepreneur hears the whisper (or bullhorn) to break away from the same-same of what she’s been doing.

You feel a sense of hesitation about whether or not it’ll take off. But pursue the call and ultimately find yourself among the greats. (Without having to stay up until dawn drinking and smoking yourself silly.)

And when you find yourself among the greats, you’ve most certainly found yourself.



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